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Steven Mosher Warns Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) of the Growing Threat from China

Steven W. Mosher, President of the Population Research Institute and expert on China, spoke yesterday at the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Mosher, invited as part of NAVSEA’s Distinguished Speaker Series, told the command leadership and staff that Beijing is not only making absurd territorial claims, building artificial islands and creating administrative units to bolster them, but is now militarizing these features as fast as it is able, with military-grade runways, radar facilities, surface-to-air missiles, and now military aircraft.

“China does not seek to peacefully integrate into the existing world order,” Mosher said, “but to supplant it. Its goal is to replace the U.S. as the reigning hegemon. And it will only be forestalled, and peace maintained, through the countervailing strength of America and its Asian allies.”

Mosher, a former U.S. Navy officer who served with the Seventh Fleet during the Vietnam War, went on to say that China is using diplomatic and economic coercion, propaganda, cyber intrusions, proxies, and other indirect applications of military power to engage in hostile acts against America. “China is engaging in a Cold War against the U.S.,” Mosher insisted, “and is past time that we recognized and responded in kind.”

The Naval Systems Command, located at the Washington Navy Yard in Washington, D.C., is the largest command in the U.S. Navy and is responsible for designing, building, and maintaining the ships, submarines and combat systems that defend America. NAVSEA accounts for about a quarter of the Navy’s annual budget and plays a crucial role in maintaining America’s fleet.

In 1979, Steven became the first American social scientist to visit mainland China. His book, Hegemon: China’s Plan to Dominate Asia and the World, clearly lays out China’s grand scheme to become the world’s dominant power, a scheme that is coming ever closer to completion.



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