Give the gift of life!
Support the Population Research Institute!

Here's what your gift will do....

Protect human life through legislative action around the world. We have already helped defund over $850 million from pro-abortion organizations.

Educate about the value of every person. Our 50 educational videos have to date reached over 7.6 million views on Facebook and YouTube.

Reinforce the family as the building block of society. We helped STOP the spread of gender ideology in Peru!

Train pro-lifers to fight population control worldwide: We spread the facts on the myth of overpopulation, population control, and the human rights abuses that go along with each.

Take the fight to the UN: Our latest petition will go to the UN Human Rights Committee and make our message loud and clear: Abortion is NOT a Human Right! We want this message to reach thousands around the world.

Your help will allow us to support our latest family care center supporting mothers and their unborn babies - nothing is more precious than the gift of life!

To thank you for your generous support, we'd like to send you Unrepeatable: Cultivating the Unique Calling of Every Person for your gift of $50 or more.

It’s a book that will, as the authors say, help you know and love others by recognizing and helping them develop their special, unique essence – an essence that bears the fingerprints of God.

It will aid parents. . . . grandparents . . . pro-life organizers . . . teachers (especially home school teachers!) . . . lay leaders . . . businessmen . . . civic leaders . . . and others cultivate the unique callings of those around them.

Here’s a brief look at all that’s to be learned about uniqueness and vocations in Unrepeatable 

          ★ What “vocation” really means, as defined by John Paul II and Pope Pius XI . . .

          ★ The three main challenges we face when helping others cultivate their unique callings  . . . the one thing that’s required to help cultivate uniqueness in others . . . the simple way to help people discover their uniqueness . . . the questions that should be asked to really understand the uniqueness of others . . .

Philadelphia Archbishop Charles J. Chaput describes Unrepeatable as “Beautifully written, compellingly personal, and a treasure to read.”

Will you let us send you Unrepeatable for your generous gift of $50 or more?


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