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Steven W. Mosher and other PRI Staff make frequent appearances in the media to share our research on population control. See a small sample of our appearances below.

Steven W. Mosher testifies about continued abuses under the new two-child policy

Steven W. Mosher testifies before the Congressional-Executive Commission on China about continued abuses under the new two-child policy.

EWTN: World Over: Steven Mosher discusses a PRI investigation in Madagascar

EWTN: World Over: Pat Buchanan and Steven W. Mosher

EWTN: World Over: Steven Mosher discussing Chen Guangcheng

INFO Wars: Alex Jones interviews Steve Mosher on the decreasing population.

Women of Grace: A Vision of Hell: One Man’s Call to Pro-Life.

Johnette Benkovic interviews Mosher on witnessing late-term, forced abortions.

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