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Active Petitions

Stop Research Using Aborted Babies

Aborted babies must not be used for COVID-19 vaccine!

Defund Planned Parenthood

Tell the US government to end funding for Planned Parenthood permanently!

Tell Your Lawmakers NO to Infanticide

Read & sign the petition!

Tell the U.N Abortion is Not a Human Right

The Human Rights Committee has adopted a document that would seek to require states to legalize abortion under certain conditions.

Ban Abortion from the Very First Heartbeat

Heartbeat laws ban abortion from the moment in pregnancy that a heartbeat can be detected. Read more here!

Global Outreach Projects

Stop Sex-Selective Abortion

Preference for sons + harsh population control = millions of babies aborted for being girls


Family Care Centers

PRI is bringing hope to the Caribbean Islands in its first-ever full-service Family Care Center


Keep U.S. Taxes from Funding Population Control in China

Huge fines, forced abortion, sterilization, and jail for millions of Chinese women paid for, in part, by U.S. tax dollars.

Stop Forced Sterilizations in India

PRI has been tracking India and the abuses under its population control program for decades

PRI Project Sites

Humanae Vitae Project

A thorough and accurate history of artificial contraception, authored by Professor Gonzalo Herranz

Debunk the Overpopulation Myth

Current science shows there are too few people, not too many

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