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Steven Mosher to Speak at the 2018 National Right to Life Convention

Population Research Institute President Steven Mosher will be speaking at the 2018 National Right to Life Convention which will be held this year from June 28th 30th in Overland Park, Kansas. He is scheduled to address the evening General Session on Thursday, June 28th, on the topic of:

As America’s Birth Rate Hits Historic Lows, Inquiring Minds Wonder…

Whatever Happened to the Population Bomb?”

Mosher will explain why birth rates are plummeting in the United States and abroad, and discuss its effect, including rapid population aging, population decline, and stagnating economic growth.

Mosher will also touch on recent speculations that the Communist Party of China plans to abandon its population control program (formerly the “one-child policy”) by removing all restrictions on how many children Chinese couples can have.  

“The sheer number of unborn children that have died under China’s policies is beyond repulsive,” says Mosher, who is an eyewitness to forced abortions in China.  “The Chinese Communist Party refuses to apologize for the egregious human rights abuses it has perpetrated on the Chinese people,” as Mosher told Aleteia in a recent interview, “[China’s Communist leaders] never admit that they’re wrong about anything.” Mosher is the author of a new book on China called, Bully of Asia: Why China’s Dream is the New Threat to World Order.

The National Right to Life Convention is hosted by National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) and is one of the premier annual gatherings for pro-life citizens and leaders. Joining Steven Mosher at this year’s convention will be other well-known pro-life figures including the Archbishop of Kansas City, Joseph Naumann, Wesley Smith, Melissa Ohden, Bobby Schindler, and NRLC President Carol Tobias.

Registration for the event is available through National Right to Life’s website at


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