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Debunk the Overpopulation Myth

Current science shows there are too few people, not too many.

The Problem

Most people think that the world is overpopulated. The problem is: it isn’t, and the science behind that idea is outdated and false. Sound science has long ago debunked this idea, showing that the human race is in no danger of overpopulating the planet, and in fact is facing a demographic collapse. And yet, the vast majority of people worry that there are too many of us.

The Solution

We work to educate the public on the myth of overpopulation—but we realize that most people don’t want to spend their time in a classroom learning about demographics. So we’ve created a web site called It takes difficult topics and distills them down into forms that are easy to understand. Our series of wry, humorous cartoons has become a hit on YouTube, and every piece of information that we present is backed up in easy-to-validate format on our web site.

You Can Help

Every single aspect of our cartoons is actually produced right here at PRI, by our own staff members! As a result, we need your financial support so that we can keep producing them, and teaching people by the hundreds of thousands. Also, we welcome your feedback, so please email us or comment on the videos. Tell us what you love, what you hate, and what you’d like us to talk about in the future.