Your Support Will . . .

Expose human rights abuses associated with population control programs, and present findings to lawmakers to end those programs.

Produce engaging content to teach the value of every person.  Our educational videos have to date reached over 9.2 million views.

Defund pro-abortion organizations.  We have already helped strip over $850 million from pro-abortion organizations worldwide.

Help support a Family Care Center in Nigeria, bringing needed medical care, education and assistance to vulnerable women and children.

Raise awareness and mobilize pro-lifers around the world when anti-life legislation is proposed.

Help gather even more petition signatures to make the message clear to the UN Human Rights Committee: Abortion is NOT a Human Right!

The Population Research Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit research group that refutes the myth of overpopulation, exposes human rights abuses committed in population control programs, and promotes pro-natal and pro-family attitudes, laws, and policies worldwide. Our growing, global network spans over 80 countries.

“One of my proudest moments in Congress was leading the fight to strip the International Planned Parenthood Federation of $195 million of US taxpayer funding- and it was Steve Mosher of PRI who provided the facts and research for that monumental pro-life victory.  Pro-lifers in congress simply could not have handed such a crushing defeat to the International Planned Parenthood Federation without the research provided by Steve Mosher and the Population Research Institute."

- Congressman Chris Smith

Some Achievements to Date:

  • Facilitated the launch of the Mexico City Policy.

  • Helped defund over $850 million from pro-abortion organizations.

  • Documented over 183 Human Rights Abuses in over 46 Countries.

  • Assisted with establishing and funding Family Care Centers in the Caribbean and Nigeria.

  • Educated leaders and members of over 100 pro-life organizations.

  • We regularly brief U.S. pro-life legislators,  journalists, and leaders on key abortion and key pro-family issues.

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