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PRI: UNFPA Coercion Grinds Women into Submission, and Foreign Aid Bill to a Standstill

PRI: UNFPA Coercion Grinds Women into Submission, and Foreign Aid Bill to a Standstill

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November 16, 2001

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“It’s an outrage that the entire Foreign Operations bill has stalled because of the United Nations Population Fund’s support of forced abortion and sterilization,” said Steven Mosher, president of Population Research Institute (PRI).
“An overwhelming majority of Americans would be horrified if they knew their tax dollars were going to a group that funds such coercive programs.”
Mosher said that the Foreign Operations Appropriation — totaling $15.4 billion this year — contains much-needed funds for life-saving basics. Tragically, however, the bill also contains tens of millions for the UNFPA.

UNFPA claims that its family planning programs throughout the world are voluntary. However, evidence obtained by PRI on videotape proves the contrary: UNFPA is in fact heavily involved in supporting forced abortion, forced sterilization and coercive family planning. (Please see:
In addition, PRI discovered, UNFPA runs non-voluntary abortion campaigns in refugee settings. Disguised in kits marked for “safe delivery,” UNFPA delivers crude abortion devices intended to be used on traumatized refugee women in Pakistan and neighboring countries.

“UNFPA’s abortion campaigns in refugee camps are particularly troubling when you consider the vast numbers of women and newborns who die there for lack of the basics,” Mosher said. “While newborns and mothers perish for lack of access to basic health supplies, UNFPA is busily promoting its population control agenda.”
“The UNFPA will stop at nothing to promote its agenda, even if this means coercing women into non-voluntary abortions, and depriving women of their basic human rights and their right to adequate health care.”

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