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Population Growth Good for America, Expert Tells Fox

Front Royal, VA, 08/18/08 – Steven Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute, told FOX Business News that concerns that America is becoming overpopulated are groundless. Recent census bureau projections, quoted in the New York Times, predict that by 2042 the United States population will have risen by 100 million. America’s continuing population growth is a net positive, according to Mosher.

"Population growth is a multiplier of wealth," said Mosher to FOX Business host Stuart Varney. "Human beings are the ultimate resource, the one resource we can’t do without."

Mosher went on to explain how an expanding population is a driver of economic growth and creates opportunities for entrepreneurs. "The idea that a reproductive birthrate somehow hinders economic development is fundamentally wrongheaded. Those who say that fewer children lead to better economies," Mosher insisted, "need only cast a glance at dying Europe or moribund Japan to be proven wrong."

In fact, he says, America’s booming population should give us all hope for a better future. "Our growing numbers," said Mosher, "give us confidence that we are going to pull out of the current economic doldrums sooner rather than later, and certainly much earlier than Europe and Japan."

Steven Mosher is the author of the new book Population Control: Real Costs, Illusory Benefits, which is published by Transaction Press.

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