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Most politicians kiss babies, Bernie Sanders prefers to diss them

I will be on EWTN News Nightly tonight at 6 pm ET to talk about Bernie Sanders promoting abortion as a means of population control.

Bernie believes that too many babies are destroying the planet and causing Global Warming.  And he wants to eliminate them.

Bernie is living in the past.  He is continuing to promote the 20th century idea of overpopulation that has been debunked by everyone—even The New York Times.  Our long-term problem is not too many babies, but too few babies.  Underpopulation, not overpopulation, is the threat of the future.

The question of whether to endorse abortion as a means of combating climate change came up at the Town Hall on Climate Change. Bernie answered by endorsing U.S.-funded abortions for women around the world, and population control in general.

I will discuss this and more on EWTN News Nightly – be sure to tune in! 

Where: EWTN News Nightly

When: 6:00 PM ET

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