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“A shipment of 10 million defective condoms from UNFPA has been seized by the Tanzanian government at the port of Dar es Salaam. The UNFPA condoms failed permeability tests carried out by the Tanzanian Bureau of Standards (in plain English, they leak), and the government has confirmed that they will be destroyed.”

Steven W. Mosher, “Leaky Population Control,” Washington Times, 8 May 2002

“Not only has he not released the money, He’s threatened to veto a bill that would force him to. And he’s doing it based on nothing more than oft-disproved charges by a tiny far-right antiabortion group called Population Research Institute, which claims — falsely — that the UNFPA money is used for coercive abortion and sterilization in China. ‘What I find so outrageous is that Bush withheld this $34 million based solely on testimony from the Population Research Institute, an arm of a far-right group,’ said New York Democratic Rep. Carolyn Mahoney. ‘PRI is the only organization that has ever made these allegations. The administration is going against the will of Congress and the international community by allowing a small band of extremists to hijack its foreign policy.’”

Michelle Goldberg,, 13 June 2002

“‘Any team appointed with the consent of the Chinese government and operating openly in China does not have a snowball’s chance in hell of finding accurate information’ said Steven Mosher, president of the Virginia-based Population Research Institute and a long-time critic of China’s family planning policy. Mosher said the State Department views the abortion issue as an ‘irritant’ in U.S.-Chinese relations.”

“U.S. team to investigate U.N. population programme in China,” Deutsche Presse-Agentur, 1 May 2000

“Smith’s evidence came from the Population Research Institute, a non-governmental organization whose mission is to expose human rights abuses around the world in the name of population control. Later a U.N. team went to China and disputed the evidence from PRI.”

Eli J. Lake, “U.S. to probe U.N. fund in China,” United Press International, 1 May 2002

“Those familiar with China’s policy, reaffirmed in recent years, were skeptical that any counties would be coercion-free. One such skeptic is Steve Mosher, president of Population Research Institute (PRI), who has been documenting and publicizing human rights abuses in China for over two decades since he observed firsthand implementation of the one-child policy while living in a rural village in China.”

Life Insight, USCCB Secretariat for Pro-Life Activities, January-February 2002

“The agency is accused of condoning forced abortions in China and of making abortions in general part of its policy. This charge was made by the Population Research Institute, an antiabortion group that has branches worldwide. Officials from the institute say U.S. funds are being used ‘illegally’ to pay for coercive practices in China.”

Cesar Chelala, “Cutbacks Imperil Health of World’s Women,” The Boston Globe, 25 May 2002

“‘The failure to stop an abortion procedure on request, or even depriving women of their right to full information, can be construed as a denial of a woman’s freedom of access to reproductive health,’ said PRI president Mosher. ‘We’re working with these attorneys to inform more and more Americans of their rights. It’s time America does an ‘about face’ on the abortion industry. Women deserve genuine health and human rights, not violations so routinely committed by the abortion industry.’

“On a worldwide basis, with the encouragement of pro-life members of the U.S. Congress, PRI speakers said they are carrying out wide-ranging field research among Catholic populations in the developing world. PRI has found population control is frequently used to ‘subdue’ Catholic populations at the expense of basic aid and economic development.

“‘We’re building on our reputation and relationship with strong pro-life members of Congress, and Catholic leaders abroad, to support human rights.’

“‘In 1997, we began working with the bishops’ conference in Peru and with the U.S. Congress to provide first-hand evidence showing a connection between U.S. funding and coercive family planning programs in Peru. We’ve found the international pro-abortion movement is especially active against Catholics throughout Central and South America and Eastern Europe.’”

Fred Martinez, “Media Bias at Pro-Family Conference,”, 17 June 2002

“‘China is a police state … where the comings and goings of foreigners are closely monitored, and Chinese live in fear of speaking out of turn,’ said Steven Mosher, president of the Front Royal, Va.-based Population Research Institute, which commissioned the September 2001 fact-finding investigation that documented Chinese abuses.

“Mosher is the first sociologist to have documented China’s brutal enforcement of its one-child policy, and he has written several books on the subject.”

Celeste McGovern, “China Whitewash?,” National Catholic Register, May 26-June l, 2002

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