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Abortion Pushing UN Population Fund has Record Number of Donors (Lifesite News)


Abortion Pushing UN Population Fund has Record Number of Donors

By Terry Vanderheyden

Friday January 13, 2006

UNITED NATIONS, January 13, 2006 ( – The abortion-promoting United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has reported a record number of contributors and contributions for 2005 – 171 countries sent the organization $142 million last year compared to $131 million from 166 countries in 2004.

The Population Research Institute revealed in 2001 that the UNFPA formally cooperates with the Chinese Communist regime in their depopulation scheme of forced abortion and sterilization. The UNFPA, “under a program begun in 1998, operates family planning programs in 32 counties, or county-level municipalities, throughout China,” PRI president Steve Mosher stated.

The UNFPA claimed their Chinese clinics provided “reproductive health care services” – aka abortion and sterilization – on a purely voluntary basis. Investigations by PRI operatives uncovered evidence that the UNFPA was complicit in enforcing China’s one-child program of coerced abortion and sterilization.

“PRI believes that, despite UNFPA claims to the contrary, there is no real distinction between the one-child policy as carried out in the 32 counties where the UNFPA is active and the one-child policy found throughout China as a whole,” Mosher explained. “We believe that the evidence is conclusive: The UNFPA, contrary to its own statements, is participating in the management and support of a program of forced abortion and forced sterilization in China, and should therefore be ineligible for US funds.”

US President George W. Bush withheld normally-allotted US contributions to the UNFPA since 2001, because US law prohibits the country from supporting any program of coerced abortion or sterilization.

As they were last year, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, the United Kingdom, Japan and Denmark continue to be the largest supporters of the UNFPA. Canada, meanwhile, announced last year a $67 million increase (over four years) to its annual $13.1 million UNFPA contribution.

According to former US Secretary of State Colin Powell, “UNFPA is helping improve the administration of the local family planning offices that are administering the very social compensation fee and other penalties that are effectively coercing women to have abortions.”

The original text of this document can be found at Lifesite News.

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