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Woman Reveals Intense Suffering Caused by Norplant Abortifacient

True story #1 in PRI’s ongoing series of “How I Survived Population Control”

You’re about to read a brief summary of what one Egyptian women experienced when she used Norplant – silicon capsules implanted under the skin that shut down a woman’s reproductive system for up to five years. This is not pleasant reading.

This woman’s story – we’ll call her “Bahana” to protect her privacy – is part of an explosive study by an Egyptian-American medical anthropologist who has taught at MIT, Michigan State University, Tufts University as well as universities in Egypt. Here is Bahana’s story . . .

For eight months Bahana reported no side effects from Norplant, but then the bleeding started – excessive bleeding. In fact, Bahana reported bleeding so severe that she used four towels every day.

Depleted of energy, Bahana was unable to find a doctor in her village to remove the Norplant, forcing her to make an exhausting five hour journey to visit a doctor who finally freed her of Norplant.

More Norplant Horror Stories

The study interviewed 52 women using Norplant. A staggering 86% reported suffering ovarian cysts . . . breast lumps . . . increased blood pressure . . . insomnia . . . headaches . . . temporary visual disturbances and more.

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Population controllers often cite the “safety” of the abortifacient chemicals they push. Bahana, whose Norplant story is told above, would very likely and very strongly disagree with the population controllers!

The next in PRI’s series of “How I Survived Population Control” will appear here on 11/14/2014

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