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What Free-Trade Gives Beijing, Beijing Robs from the People

What Free-Trade Gives Beijing, Beijing Robs from the People

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May 16, 2001

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – “If you’re an underground Christian in Beijing, or a Shanghai labor activist seeking to form a union, then you are a target of China’s ‘Strike Hard’ campaign, in which hundreds have already been executed,” said Steven Mosher, author of “Hegemon – China’s Plan to Dominate Asia and the World” (Encounter Books, 2000).

“Many Americans think free-trade with China promotes economic vitality and democratic reform,” said Mosher, the first American anthropologist to study commune life in China. “But Beijing uses resources from international trade to systematically violate the rights of the people of China, and to strengthen its geo-political hand.”

Mosher said that “China’s ‘Strike Hard’ campaign is a throwback to the Cultural Revolution. Tens of thousands are being arrested and interrogated without due process. Hundreds are being summarily executed, some for believing in an authority higher that President Jiang Zemin’s autocratic government.”

“China’s ‘Strike Hard’ campaign must be seen in light of the steady stream of abusive foreign and domestic policy initiatives implemented by Beijing over the past few decades,” Mosher said.

“The world’s largest one-party dictatorship seeks resources to impose greater control over its own people, and to expand its range of control across neighboring regions,” continued Mosher.

Mosher renewed his call for Americans to boycott Chinese-made goods and for the U.S. Congress to impose meaningful restrictions on trade with China to protect U.S. technology and promote human rights. 

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