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USAID Exploits Children Overseas, And Here’s More Evidence to Prove It

August 27, 2003

Volume 5/ Number 24

Dear Colleague:

PRI recently reported on USAID support of homosexuality and child exploitation overseas. In response to reporters, USAID issued blanket denials. But the proof is in the evidence, more of which we now provide.

USAID cannot hide behind the previous administration for the abusive policies and programs which it continues to support today.

Steven Mosher


USAID Exploits Children Overseas, And Here’s More Evidence to Prove It

On August 5, 2003, PRI broke the bad news about US taxpayer support of USAID programs which exploit children and promote homosexuality in Central


Reporters contacted PRI to request copies of the material that USAID distributes overseas today, and PRI provided it. Unfortunately, USAID issued blanket denials to the press, and implied that such abuses took place under the previous administration and have now ended.(2)

In the face of these denials, PRI has obtained more USAID material which clearly shows that USAID continues to support abusive programs overseas.

With US taxpayer support, USAID promotes chemical contraceptives to children. In guidelines which remain in use throughout El Salvador today, USAID states that As a first option, contraceptive pills [are to be given] one month before starting sexual activity regardless of whether she has started her period.(3)

In addition, USAID’s Bureau for Global Health circumvents El Salvador’s restrictions against abortion, with chemical abortion or emergency contraception (EC), which can destroy a human life. In 2001, USAID, together with the UNFPA (which supports forced abortion), supported shipments of abortion-inducing chemicals for earthquake victims, along guidelines on the benefits of emergency contraception for sexual relations without protection.(4) In the aftermath of these quakes, hundreds of women and children died for lack of basic aid. Recent reports note 40% increases in child and infant pneumonia and diarrhea.(5)

By providing chemical abortion, USAID is violating El Salvador’s Constitution which states that Every human being is recognized as a human person from the moment of conception.(6)

USAID also promotes homosexuality to children in El Salvador, with programs designed to prompt boys to have sex with other boys or men. Homosexuality is not an illness, states one USAID-funded manual on adolescent sexuality. [S]ome adolescents experience attraction toward persons of the same sex and have fantasies, desires, sensations and physical contact…. This manual encourages parents to promote their child’s acceptance [of homosexuality], not discrimination.(7)

USAID and UNFPA together promote homosexuality as a basic human right. *We have the task to generate a change with respect to homosexuals… a task that should begin in the home, and continue in school, and throughout life… and above all we must be conscious that, apart from our private, moral judgments and opinions, we should respect the human rights of


USAID materials promotes masturbation to boys. In this context, USAID material states It is a moment of great intensity accompanied with a very pleasant genital response….(9)

Far from promoting genuine abstinence, USAID practically sells sex to teens and children, apparently in order to promote family planning. It is important to know that, when we enter corporal contact… and arrive at a point of excitation, the desire to continue ahead and have sexual relations is very strong…. It is difficult ‘to brake’… and can lead to the embarrassment [of pregnancy].* Therefore, USAID promotes condoms, IUDs, Depo-Provera and emergency contraception to children and teens.(10)

USAID abuses violate laws on other fronts. In 2002, USAID paid for condom ads in major markets (11), but failed to note the risks and failure rates of condoms, in violation of El Salvadorian law mandating information about condom risks.(12)

In Guatemala, USAID guidelines for children and adolescents promote homosexuality and masturbation and remain in wide circulation today.(13)

These abuses must stop. USAID cannot continue to undermine families and the health of children overseas. USAID’s Bureau for Global Health cannot hide behind the previous administration for abusive programs which it continues to support today.


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