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US Congress Condemns Two-Child Policy in Burma

WASHINGTON DC: Population Research Institute commends the U.S. Congress for condemning the two-child policy inflicted upon the Rohingya in Burma.

The Rohingya are a persecuted minority in northern Burma who are denied citizenship, are terrorized by pervasive mob violence, and who are, alone among the peoples of Burma, subjected to a two-child policy.

Last Wednesday, May 7th, the US Congress passed H. Res. 418 “Urging Burma to end the persecution of the Rohingya people.”

The resolution states: “Whereas a  two-child policy sanctioned solely upon the Rohingya population in the districts of Maungdaw and Buthidaung in northern Rakhine state restricts the rights of women and children, prevents children from obtaining Burmese citizenship, denies Rohingya access to basic government services, and fosters discrimination against Muslim women by Buddhist nurses and midwives….the House of Representatives… calls on the Government of Burma to end all forms of persecution of the Rohingya people and ensure respect for internationally recognized human rights for all ethnic and religious minority groups within Burma.”

PRI president Steven Mosher applauded the resolution: “We at PRI are encouraged by this congressional resolution and join in urging the Burmese government to end population control and ethnic cleansing. PRI will continue to monitor the situation and to advocate for the abolition of the two-child policy in Burma.”

Representative Ed Royce (R-CA), the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, applauded the passage of the resolution, stating: “The Rohingya Muslims are one of the most persecuted minority groups in the world.. . The United States must prioritize the protection of human rights in its engagement with Burma.”

The Rohingya people are a Muslim minority in a predominantly Buddhist country. Although the Burmese government refuses to recognize them as a minority, it nonetheless requires Rohingya to obtain permission to get married, arrests those living together without proper marriage paperwork, and limits their families to two children.

PRI is a non-profit human rights organization which works to document, expose, defund, and abolish coercive population control programs.


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US Congress condemns two child policy inflicted on the Rohingya in Burma


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