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Triumph for Independence and Life in Peru

A small band of pro-lifers thwarts an illegal international abortion service, and delivers real aid to pregnant women


LIMA, PERU. Population Research Institute (PRI) exposed an an illegal pro-abortion website and had it removed.

Abortion is currently illegal in the christian country of Peru, but the international population control movement tried to give desperate Peruvian women empty solutions via a blog acting as a “safe abortion hotline”. The pro-abortion movement regularly uses such blogs to gain a foothold into countries which prohibit abortions. By sending women misoprostol (a synthetic prostaglandin which induces abortion) to take at home, the international pro-abortion movement attempts to normalize abortion with the final goal of legalization.  

In a triumph for the women of Peru, however, the Latin American PRI team stepped in and petitioned blogspot to remove the illegal website while simultaneously working hard to help women in crisis pregnancies in Peru.

This victory is not only a victory for the thousands of unborn who were spared from early death, but also for the Peruvian people who were able to fight back against the powerful and well-funded international abortion movement.

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PRESS CONTACT: Anne Morse, Tel: (540) 660-2733, email: [email protected]




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