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The Rising Generation of Pro-Lifers

You’d never know it by watching the mainstream media, but every year on 22 January, over a hundred thousand Americans of all ages gather in Washington DC in the largest continuous peaceful protest in U.S. history and probably world history.

For thirty-five years, millions of pro-life Americans have protested the decision that legalized abortion in the United States. The largest continuing holocaust in American history has cost an estimated fifty million American lives to date. The march memorializes the infants lost, and protests the stubborn refusal of the Supreme Court to reverse this terrible decision.

I myself have been in many of these marches and have noticed two things: the marches have gotten steadfastly larger over time, as more and more Americans have come out in peaceful protest of abortion. But the marches have also gotten younger over time. More and more young people, in their teens, in their early twenties, are coming out to protest the killing of their unborn brothers and sisters. They are the future of pro-life movement in the United States, and the future is now.

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