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The Morning After Pill (AKA Plan B) Available to Children

Front Royal, VA, 5/5/13 — U.S. Federal District Judge, Edward Korman, ruled today that the Morning After Pill must be sold over the counter to all comers. This means any 13-year-old girl will be able to buy Plan B, and no one, including her parents, need ever know.

In his ruling, Korman ordered the FDA to remove the age restriction currently on the drug. If the FDA makes no appeal (and odds are the Obama administration won’t appeal) , the ruling will stand.

"Talk about your black-robed tyrants," said Steven Mosher, president of PRI, "This federal judge apparently thinks that he knows better than (1) parents, (2) the Food and Drug Administration, and (3) society at large whether it is good for 13-year-old girls to be able to buy abortifacient drugs like the Morning After Pill."

When Plan B fails to prevent ovulation, it works by preventing implantation. This means that it causes early-term abortions. By allowing young girls access to this drug, they will be able to contracept and abort themselves without their parents ever knowing.

Mosher says: "This is an outrageous ruling by a judge on a matter on which he has zero competence. Impeachment, anyone?"


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Help Florida Pass Pro-Life Legislation!


Front Royal, VA, 4/4/13 – The Florida House has passed several pro-life bills that are now stalled in the Florida State Senate. These bills include the Infants Born Alive Protection Act, which would give a child who survives an abortion the same rights as one born not due to abortion, the Unborn Victims of Violence Act, which treats the child as much a victim as the mother, and a ban on Sex/Race Selective Abortion.

The problem lies with the President of the Senate, Don Gaetz. Gaetz has commented that, although he is opposed to abortion, passing pro-life legislation is not a priority for him this year.

Gaetz has attempted to pass the buck to the public, saying, "Nobody whose doors I knocked on [this weekend] said abortion was an issue that they wanted us to focus on. They wanted us to focus on economic issues."

Obviously he was knocking on the wrong doors.

The bottom line is this: Gaetz intends to deny the Florida Senate the ability hold a hearing on the bills, let alone vote on them.

If the Senators were allowed to vote, the bills would likely be approved, given that pro-life Republicans are in the majority.

Florida Right to Life has initiated a petition drive to let Gaetz know that he should make pro-life issues a priority.

You can sign the petition here:


CONTACT: Elizabeth Crnkovich, Tel: (540) 660-2733, E-mail: [email protected]

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