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Steven Mosher to Speak at Regent’s “Endangered Gender” Symposium

Front Royal, VA, 2/12/13 — On Saturday, February 16th, Steven Mosher will be exposing the reality and dangers of sex-selective abortion as part of a Symposium at Regent University Law School, in Virginia Beach, VA.  Mosher, who is the President of the Population Research Institute, is an internationally recognized authority on demographics and population issues.

Mosher first encountered Sex-Selective Abortion in China, where it has reached epidemic proportions as a result of pressures generated by the one-child policy. Up to 100 million girls are missing from the populations of China, India, Korea and Vietnam because of this practice. Mosher will present recent statistical and anecdotal evidence that this practice has reached America’s shores.

Mosher will be joined by several other panelists to “discuss the political and legal implications of the human rights issues involved in sex-selective abortions.” Other panelists include Professor David Smolin, Dr. Prakash Tyagi, Dr. Ana Steele, and Congressman Trent Franks. This discriminating practice of Sex-Selective Abortion must be exposed and put to an end. It is the worst form of discrimination imaginable, since it is a discrimination that kills.

The Symposium will begin Friday evening, 5-7pm, in the Robertson Hall Moot Court Room, with a screening of the Documentary “It's a Girl! — The Three Deadliest Words in the World.” The Symposium will resume again Saturday morning at 8am with a continental breakfast followed by the panel discussion from 9am-12pm, also in Robertson Hall Moot Court Room..

The Symposium is open to the public (registration is required). For more information about the event and speakers please visit the Regent University School of Law website:

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