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Steven Mosher to Discuss China’s Predatory Trade Practices on the Fox Business Network Tomorrow at 10:45 A.M.

Steven Mosher will be on cable TV tomorrow

morning The Varney & Co. Show with Stuart Varney

on the Fox Business Network at 10:45 A.M. ET

How does China cheat on trade? Let us count the ways. China cheats by:

  • Stealing intellectual property from American companies
  • Locking developing countries into deals that forever make them indebted to the Chinese state
  • Imposing tariffs and other trade barriers on American imports
  • Subsidizing government-owned companies’ exports to undercut their foreign competitors
  • And much more….

Steven Mosher reveals the truth behind China’s predatory trade practices and what this means for America and our future.

Tune in tomorrow morning at 10:45am to the Varney & Co. show with veteran journalist and host Stuart Varney on the Fox Business Network to learn more. Varney & Co. is the highest rated market program on TV.


Don’t miss Steven Mosher’s latest opinion piece on

How does China cheat on trade? Let us count the ways

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