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Steven Mosher to appear on ABC’s “World News Now”

Steven Mosher to appear on ABC’s “World News Now”

For Immediate Release

July 12, 2000

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Steven Mosher, President of the Population Research Institute, will be a guest on ABC’s nationally syndicated news show, “World News Now,” to air later tonight. Mosher, an internationally known China expert who exposed that country’s brutal one-child policy, will be speaking about his new book, Hegemon: China’s Plan To Dominate Asia And The World (Encounter Books, July 2000).

“If you read the Chinese strategic literature, as I have, it will send a chill down your spine,” says Mosher. “For Chinese strategists seem to believe three things. First, they believe-as China’s defense minister recently openly proclaimed-that war with the United States is ‘inevitable.’ Second, they believe that China can win such a war. Third, they believe that by the middle of the next century one country-a hegemon-will come to dominate the world, and that this hegemon will be China.”

“Taken singly, each of these facts is disturbing,” Mosher continues. “Taken together, they create a frightening picture. China is aiming at nothing short of world dominance. And it wants to organize the world around itself the way it has for over 2,000 years. China is to be the “Middle Kingdom”-that is what its name, Zhongguo, means in Chinese-and it wants to be surrounded by kowtowing tributary states. But there is another name, even more fitting for a once and future hegemon, that the Chinese leaders use to refer to their country. They call it Tianxia, which means ‘all under heaven.'”

“World News Now” is a nationally syndicated ABC Network news show airing between 2 am and 6 am on ABC affiliates throughout the country.

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