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Steve Mosher Will Appear with Jesse Watters on Fox News, Saturday @ 8PM EST

PRI President Steven Mosher will appear on FOX’s “Watter’s World” with Jesse Watters, Saturday, April 4th @ 8PM EST

Steve will discuss the origins and spread of the Wuhan Virus with Jesse Waters, and how the Chinese Communist Party played a role in both.  The Chinese authorities have lied about the epidemic from the beginning, even as their actions ensured that it would spread unchecked around the world.  Even today, as they claim the epidemic is under control with their borders, they are shutting down movie theaters, tourist attractions, and forbidding large gatherings as people continue to be infected.  Their claim of only 3,000 or so fatalities is laughable. The real number, based upon other evidence, may be 40 to 50 thousand in the city of Wuhan alone.  

Steve will also discuss new evidence that the Wuhan Virus leaked from a Chinese biolab in the same city, and that “Patient Zero” was a lab worker who was accidentally infected. 

Be sure to tune in for the full interview on these topics and more!


Where: Watter’s World, Fox News

When: Saturday, April 4, 8PM, EST

You can also stream FOX News with your TV provider’s subscription:


***Please check your local listings to confirm times in your area.

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