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Statement of Graciela Hilario de Rangel

My name is Maria Graciela Hilario de Rangel. I am from the city of
Morelia. I have had IUD’s placed into me twice. The first time was ten
years ago, when one was placed in me before I was released from the
clinic. I later had it removed. The second one was placed in me eight
months ago after the birth of my baby. On this occasion, I repeatedly
told the doctor that I did not want the device placed in me. He did
not pay any attention to me and ignored my protests. He placed the
device in me anyway. Afterwards, the chief physician of the clinic
told me he accepted responsibility for this act. I could place a
complaint after I left the clinic, he said, but that his actions were
protected by law. He did not tell me which law or when it was issued.
I asked him for his name and he replied that he was Doctor Ildefornso
Ramos Aguilar and that his office was in Morelia. He insisted that his
doctors were authorized by law to place the devices and that the
reason was to “protect” women. I had the IUD removed 40 days later,
but only after great difficulty. I went to the clinic several times,
asking to have it removed, but each time I was sent away under the
excuse that they did not have the proper personnel to do it, or did
not have the right instruments, or they had too many patients, or some
other excuse. I finally told them I would not leave the clinic until
they removed it. Only then did they remove it. I did not file a
complaint against the clinic because the chief physician had told me
that their actions were protected by law.

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