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Saint Paul VI, Pray For US

“Pope Paul VI is a saint,” Holy Mother Church declared to the faithful gathered in Saint Peter’s Square on Sunday October 14, 2018.

Indeed he is. Saint Paul VI is beloved above all for his two historic contributions to the Church: First, he promulgated Humanae Vitae, the encyclical that announced to the world that, while the “spirit of the times” might change, the truth does not.

Second, he inherited the Second Vatican Council upon the death of Saint John XXIII in 1963, and presided over it until it adjourned on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception on December 8, 1965.

But Saint Paul VI is today is remembered above all for Humanae Vitae, and that is appropriate: the Second Vatican Council had many fathers; Humanae Vitae has only one.

On July 25, 1968, he stood alone when he confronted the decadent age that had plunged headlong into the sexual revolution. Deserted by many among the faithful, both cleric and lay, he held up a mirror to the secular world and warned of the dangerous consequences that would follow on its flight from truth and beauty.

Alas, the world responded with resentment and spite toward his inspired words, and went its own way. So bitterly was the Church attacked that year that Francis Cardinal Stafford describes it as a “Gethsemane.” Like Jesus in the Garden, Saint Paul VI wept when he saw the depths to which the world would fall when it defied the laws of nature and of nature’s God.

Saint Paul VI, in Humanae Vitae, offered to the world an alternative:  the Church’s promise of truth and beauty that adorns every Sacramental Marriage. Those who followed the Saint’s teaching experienced a gentle, clear, but firm unfolding of the mystery of Sacramental Marriage. They came to understand, through their faithfulness and and fruitfulness, its role in God’s plan for the family, the world, and salvation is central to the most beautiful story ever told.

The good, the true, and the beautiful are simple, limpid, and loveable. The evil, the false, and the ugly debauch reality in a thousand ways. There is only one good, but there are countless ways to deny, defy, and defile it – all designed as preambles to its destruction.

The family was designed by God to reflect the mystery, unity, diversity, and perfection of the Trinity. Those who hate the designer will hate the design – including the design written on their own hearts.

In the past fifty years we have learned that the Dictators of Relativism are anything but relativists: they are devoted and hardened apostles of ugliness, sin, and lies. Even before Humanae Vitae was published, they plotted to destroy both the teaching and the Church that taught it.

For many years Pope Paul’s encyclical gathered dust on countless shelves. But today, a growing number of bishops have picked up the fallen standard and are preaching it to a world hungry for the truth. More will follow, as they see how vital is its message to every generation.

We at the Population Research Institute want to help them in every possible way. That’s why PRI has created a new website, It serves as a clearing house for information on life, love, and the family. There we offer countless resources to families, students, scholars, and clerics throughout the world – in four languages!

This is a labor of love. While Saint Paul VI did not pretend to be a prophet, Humanae Vitae has proven to be prophetic indeed. And while he called upon bishops and priests to teach this beautiful doctrine, Paul called on parents and teachers to do so as well.

In this generation, that task has fallen to the laity in a special way, because it is in the home that children first learn about love and the gift of life. In our secular culture, it falls to families to raise good children and teach them, prayerfully working with our bishops and priests to champion the truths that Saint Paul VI bequeathed to the Church and to the world.

This is the challenge that Father Paul Marx, O.S.B., accepted when he founded the Population Research Institute. It is the challenge that inspires us today. It is a privilege and a grace for all of us at PRI to share Humanae Vitae with the world on the occasion of the Church’s joyous announcement of the canonization of Saint Paul VI.



5 thoughts on Saint Paul VI, Pray For US

  • 50 years passed since Human Vitae was released We seen. Worldwide ignorance & acceptance of sexual immorality We can see the harm it does Sex is holy given by God for a holy purpose We have no right to take liberties with it The Church leaders need to educate us better in these matters

  • Dearest in Christ

    When promoting H. Vitae it is important to add that the main doctrines were further elaborated in other encyclicals, also incorporated in the Catechism (1992) and in the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church (2004), both under the reign of St. John Paul II, Magnus. It is very important to stress that contradicting them implies a schismatic attitude against full communion with the Church. It “cannot be any longer considered a question open to discussion” (Pope Pius XII, Humani Generis).

    One of the main biblical-magisterial doctrines of H. Vitae is that sexual relationships outside marriage and/OR not opened to life, are grave sin, including that natural family planning is also a grave sin, IF done under no grave/serious circumstances, because they break the essence of the marital act: procreative unity or unifying procreation.

    Many pro-life leaders support that “the pro-life movement will fail miserably IF it doesn’t focus on contraception as the mother of all evils”… (the real problem is spiritual, but it is even harder to get support for public policies against lust, etc.).

    Think about it:

    1. 74% of English women and 80% of Spanish women were on contraception when aborting, according to their own governments. In the long run, contraception fails with near absolute certainty to prevent pregnancies (if we subtract infertile women, some due to contraception). Contraceptive failure stats on the WHO site are measured “in perfect usage” for only 1 year and not accounting for the interaction of medicines, food, obesity, age, clinical conditions and contraception history. The blatant lie about “safe sex” (now “safer sex”) leads to unexpected pregnancies and the corresponding expected abortions. This accounts for 60 million murders of unborn babies! The voting acceptance of abortion is generated by contraception!

    2. With the only exception of barrier contraceptives without spermicide, all contraceptives are abortifacient. Most of abortions are caused by these abortifacients! This topic is so taboo that nobody actually estimated the number of abortions (and there are no grants which would fund my research). Over 100 million murdered unborn babies each year? Think about how large the global population would be without those abortifacients and the descent of those murdered: a couple of billions! Surgical abortions are going down because we now murder babies with abortifacients!

    3. Contraception promotes sexually transmitted infections, not only by encouraging risky sex through the notion of safe sex by risk compensation psychological mechanisms, but by reducing women’s natural defenses and denying the largest global pandemic ever, with 2 billion people infected, even with deadly diseases like HIV, HPV and antibiotic resistant bacteria. Denial also involves the number of unborn and born babies killed by STIs, if not handicapped for life (preterm pandemic).

    4. Contraceptives kill women (cancer, heart attack, thrombosis, suicide, etc.) or handicap them (stroke, permanent infertility, depression). Hormonal contraceptives make a hormonal mess, one of the co-factors of ten times more female teens going into trans treatments than biologically males. Why is it that Big Pharma is not pushing much cheaper and less deadly male contraception?

    Contraception is the biggest fat lie of modern society, a lie backed by a 30 billion dollar “pharmaceutical” and “medical” “industries” (babies are not disease), and even more billions stolen from tax payers’ pockets, in anti-science brain-washing ideological programs like “Compehensive Sexuality Education”.

    Prof. Fred A. Nazar

  • Thank you. This account of Pope St Paul VI gives us a solid basis now calling for extensive preaching.
    Fr Dermot Fenlon

  • Thank You! While I am not Catholic I appreciate your faithfulness to God’s Word! In this day and age the news media calls omissions to truth and the bending of the truth “spin”. Lies are lies no matter what we call them and we are all guilty saving grace of our Savior!

  • Yes. it is good to remind the younger generations about this especially because they either were too young or weren’t around yet when it first came out.
    And for those of us who were, we can see now the panorama of what a saintly man’s vision of the future of the world would be like if humans are disrespectful of life and of everything that the Creator in all wisdom had originally willed for our own good and happiness.
    Thank you for your timely article and may the new saint Louis intercede for us all.

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