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PRI President Steven Mosher to Appear on Fox Business, EWTN

PRI President Steven Mosher will be appearing today on the Fox Business Show, “Making Money with Charles Payne” which airs today from 2-3 p.m. ET.  He will be discussing the demonstrations in Hong Kong and the ongoing trade war with China.  It is important not just for America, but for the world, that Hong Kong retain its freedom, and that our country prevails in the ongoing confrontation with China’s one-party dictatorship.

He will also be appearing this Thursday on EWTN Pro-Life Weekly with host Catherine Hadro to discuss the devastating impact of China’s one-child policy, a subject on which he is one of the world’s leading experts. China’s brutal and misguided population control program is now over, except for single moms, who are still hunted down and aborted.  But the societal, emotional, and demographics effects of this horrific war on people will continue on through time, like a tsunami crashing on ever more distant shores.

Mosher’s lengthy interview will air on EWTN next Thursday (8/29) at 10 pm ET on EWTN Pro-Life Weekly. It will re-air on Sunday (9/1) at 10 am ET and again on Tuesday (9/3) at 1 pm ET.

Show Times:

  • Tuesday (8/27) 2-3 PM ET – Fox Business with Charles Payne
  • Thursday (8/29) 10:00 PM ET EWTN Pro-Life Weekly with Catherine Hadro
  • Sunday (9/1) 10:00 AM ET EWTN Pro-Life Weekly with Catherine Hadro
  • Tuesday (9/3) 1:00 PM ET EWTN Pro-Life Weekly with Catherine Hadro

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