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Population Research Institute Responds to Paul Ehrlich’s Claims of Cannibalism

WASHINGTON DC: Population Research Institute responds to Ehrlich’s claims of impending famine. Last week, when asked about the ethics of meat consumption during an interview on HuffPost Live, Paul Ehrlich prophesied cannibalism saying, “I think the issues are more likely to be ‘is it perfectly OK to eat the bodies of your dead because we’re all so hungry?. . . we’re going to add between now and forty-five years from now, roughly—if you believe the projections—about two and a half billion people to the planet.’”

Steven Mosher responded to Ehrlich’s statement saying, “This blatantly unscientific hysteria has been used as a justification for human rights abuses for far too long. Ehrlich’s claims of cannibalism are ridiculously errant. It is time to admit that population control science is wrong, to throw off the mantle of frenzied fear, and to permit all women everywhere to freely choose the size of their family.”

The president of Population Research Institute, Steven Mosher, started his work in the late 1980’s when he blew the whistle on forced abortions in China’s population control campaign. Since then, Steven Mosher has dedicated his intellect and energies towards debunking the theory of overpopulation and to ending coercive population control.

Ehrlich was launched to fame in the late 1960’s with the publication of  his book, The Population Bomb, in which he predicted massive famines, “soon, possibly by the end of the early 1970’s, certainly by the early 1980’s.”  Ehrlich then prescribed “population control” as a remedy.


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