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Planned Parenthood Hates PRI — And With Good Reason!

As you know from reading PRI’’s
Weekly Briefing, the Population Research Institute is an
international leader when it comes to pro-life victories in the US and
around the world. And because of our track record, we are
genuinely hated by Planned Parenthood, the UN Population Fund
and other abortion groups — but did you know that …

  • Congressional pro-lifers used PRI research to slash
    U.S. funding of the International Planned Parenthood Federation by
    $195 million

  • PRI research also helped Congressional pro-lifers cancel all
    U.S. support of the U.N. Population Fund — for seven years

  • PRI works closely with the Pontifical Council for the
    Family, training Church and lay leaders around the world to
    effectively fight abortionists in their own dioceses.

  • Maybe you’ve seen our powerful pro-life videos on YouTube and other
    outlets. Our PRI channel and videos have over 3 million views.

  • And PRI is loved by Church and lay leaders who
    publicly embrace our work, including Cardinal Francis Arinze
    … Cardinal Raymond Burke … Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz … pro-life
    Congressional leader Congressman Chris Smith … LifeSite
    Managing Director Steve Jalsevec and many others.

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