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Pat Robertson, China and Population Control


Pat Robertson, China and Population Control

For Immediate Release
April 19, 2001

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Pat Robertson’s efforts to justify China’s population control policy are indicative of the misguided perceptions many politicians, academics and even clergy have regarding population growth in the world and in particular, China.

Pat Robertson is simply wrong when he says that “[China’s leaders] are doing what they have to do.”

China’s policy of forced abortion and forced sterilization is completely unjustified – and unjustifiable. Not only does it violate the human rights of millions of Chinese families and women, it does not make economic sense.

With China’s per capita GNP growing at 10 percent a year, it is irrelevant whether China’s population is growing at 1 percent or 2 percent a year. Every Chinese person is better off financially from year to year.

China remains a relatively impoverished country today principally because of the corruption and misrule of the Chinese Communist Party, not because the Chinese people are having – or might have – too many children.

By blaming the victims – the Chinese people – for China’s continuing difficulties, Reverend Robertson is ignoring the real culprit: The Chinese Communist Party.

Steven W. Mosher is President of the Population Research Institute, and author of several books including:

A Mother’s Ordeal: One Woman’s Fight Against China’s One-Child Policy
Hegemon: China’s Plan to Dominate Asia and the World.

Copies of A Mother’s Ordeal & Hegemon can be ordered through PRI at 540-622-5240 or at our web site.

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