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On Abortion and Maternal Mortality

PRI creates primers explaining definitions of abortion and maternal mortality


“The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug.” —Mark Twain


Nothing will build the legitimacy of your arguments more than using terms correctly, and nothing will destroy it faster than using terms incorrectly. But understanding terms outside your immediate field of expertise is a daunting task. So we at Population Research Institute compiled easy reference pages—complete with visual graphics—for definitions of abortion and maternal mortality. 

Our new  Definitions of Abortion Mortality page explains 13 different abortion -related terms, ranging from the “abortion rate” (which differs from the “abortion ratio”) to “abortion-related death.” Our Definitions of Maternal Mortality page explains 11 different terms ranging from “direct obstetric death” to “lifetime risk of maternal death."

Each definition includes citations; the definitions were compiled from the World Health Organization, the International Classification of Diseases, and from widely cited academic articles, making it the most comprehensive collection on the web.

Do you know someone who works in the pro-life field under the following capacities:

  • Journalist

  • Lobbyist

  • Media coordinator

  • Researcher

  • Legal counsel

If you do, make sure they know about our easy-to-use definition compilations!



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