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Obama Win to Reverse 8 Years of Pro-Life Advances

Front Royal, VA, 11/06/08 – By electing Barack Obama president of the United States, Americans are set to reverse nearly 8 years of pro-life advances, says Steven Mosher, head of the pro-life Population Research Institute.

"For one, Barack Obama has pledged to pay for abortions with our tax dollars," said Mosher. According to Mosher, Obama’s support for the Prevention First Act will not only force insurance companies and doctors, and pharmacies to dispense contraceptives, but it will use tax money to pay for the morning-after pill and for abortions. "Obama speaks of ‘providing compassionate assistance to rape victims,"’ continued Mosher. "In this case, that means nothing more than government-subsidized abortion."

In addition to this, Mosher says, Obama’s univocal support for the Freedom of Choice Act would spell doom to nearly a decade of hard-fought pro-life victories. "Obama has made it a consistent priority to pander to the far-left, pro-abortion crowd," Mosher says. "And he has consistently promised that, if elected president, he would sign into law the most radical pro-abortion legislation this country has ever seen."

And finally, Mosher says, Obama’s Supreme Court picks will be disastrous for the pro-life movement. "With the full backing of a Democratic House and Senate, Obama would face little resistance in his quest to appoint activist judges," he says. "He has already stated that his goal is to appoint ‘people on the bench who have enough empathy, enough feeling for what ordinary people are going through."’

"Finally, it is clear that Obama has pledged his loyalty to Planned Parenthood and that supporting abortion remains one of his highest priorities," concludes Mosher. "Those with pro-life convictions must continue to act on those convictions. We must continue to be a presence outside of abortion centers in order to let women know that there is a ‘choice’ beyond abortion. We must continue to help women who come to our crisis pregnancy centers with counseling and baby cribs. We must let our remaining friends in the House and Senate know that we expect them, although outnumbered, to stand and fight for Life."

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