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My Experience with an IUD

On August 30, 1995, I went to the Social Security Clinic No. 76 in
Uruapan, Michoacan State. I was in labor with my last child. As my
daughter was born, the gynecologist, a woman, told me that I should
get an operation so I wouldn’t have more children because they were
too much and I answered that I wouldn’t get the operation because I
didn’t want it. When I told her this she insisted, “Then what are you
going to do in order to stop having children?” I answered, “maybe my
husband will get a vasectomy.” (I said this so she would stop
insisting that I have the operation.) The gynecologist didn’t say
anymore and when they finished their work she told me, “Well, since
you are not sure that your husband will get the operation (vasectomy)
I have already inserted you with an IUD. You must return next month so
we can check it out.” I asked her, “Why did you put it in if I have
told you not to do it?” They didn’t answer. They didn’t pay attention,
just told me to return in a month. But I haven’t returned to that
clinic. That day I felt angry, disgusted, wanting someone’s help
because in the clinic they didn’t respect my decision. I told them
that I would plan my family with the NFP method and they paid not
attention to this.

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