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Media Coverage of Catholic Relief Services Investigation


Direct Coverage: Population Research Institute and Catholic Relief Services 


7-25-2013: Population Research Institute Released the first briefing about our investigation in Madagascar: Catholic Relief Services Compromises Catholic Teaching, Promotes Population Control/Family Planning in Madagascar

7-25-2013: Population Research Institute released a press release about our breaking investigation: Catholic Relief Services Works in Family Planning “Just Like the Others”

7-26-2013: Catholic Relief Services responds to our briefing: CRS Responds to Concerns About Programs in Guinea and Madagascar

7-29-2013: Population Research Institute responds and refutes CRS claims: CRS Issues Blanket Denial of Involvement in Family Planning

7-29-2013: Population Research Institute releases a press release: CRS Employees Recount Involvement in Family Planning: "It's only the 'Big Catholics' Who Are Opposed to Contraception."

7-30-2013: CRS refutes PRI interviews: CRS Refutes Inaccurate and Misleading Information from Population Research Institute.

7-31-2013: PRI publishes releases a briefing on clergy claims: Madagascar Bishops and Clergy Complain about Catholic Relief Services' Activities

8-2-2013: United States Conference of Catholic Bishops releases a press release after talking with Malagasy bishop: Madagascar Archbishop Expresses Strong Support of Catholic Relief Services

8-2-2013: Population Research Institute releases a press release regarding the bishop's new endorsement: PRI -Investigation in Madagascar Results in Victory!

8-2-2013: Catholic Relief Services releaes a press release: Madagascar Archbishop Expresses Strong Support for Catholic Relief Services

8-3-2013: Catholic Relief Services releases press release:  Catholic Agency/EWTN: Madagascar Archbishop affirms support for CRS

8-6-2013: Catholic Relief Services: Second Madagascar Archbishop Expresses Strong Support for CRS

8-7-2013: Population Research Institute: Fundamental Reform Needed at Catholic Relief Services

8-7-2013: Catholic Relief Services: The Relationship Between CRS and the Church in Madagascar

8-7-2013: Catholic Relief Services: A Perspective on Attacks Against CRS from a Former CRS Board Chairman

8-8-2013: Population Research Institute and Catholic Relief Services discuss the issue on EWTN: The World Over.

You can watch the video here:

8-22-2013: Population Research Institute releases a briefing: Catholic Relief Services Leaves Many Questions Unanswered

9-4-2013: Population Research Institute releases the full, 118 page report of the investigation: Investigation of Catholic Relief Services-Madagascar

9-4-2013: Population Research Institute issues a press release about the report: How "Catholic" is Catholic Relief Services?

9-11-2013: USCCB issues press release: Bishops Endorse CRS Work For Poorest, Most Vulnerable

9-16-2013: PRI president, Mr. Steven Mosher has an op-ed in the National Catholic Register: What is authentic Catholic Charity?

9-16-2013: Population Research Institute issues a press release on Mosher's op-ed: Population Research Institute on Mother Teresa and Authentic Charity

You can read the Motu Proprio referenced in the above articles here: On the Service of Charity

Coverage of the PRI Investigation by other Media outlets

7-19-2013: LifeSiteNews:  ‘Heads should roll’: Pro-life leaders react to U.S. Bishops agency’s funding of abortion giant PSI


7-20-2013: Jaluo: Should you Give up Your Faith for the Sins of Bishops?

7-25-2013: LifeSiteNews: Catholic Relief Services distributes abortifacients in Madagascar: on-the-ground investigation

7-29-1013: Breaking investigation from Madagascar: Catholic Relief Services works in family planning "just like the others"

7-30-2013: LifeSiteNews: CRS denies distributing abortifacients while transcript shows local employees admitted it

7-31-2013: OneNewsNow: Catholics raise alarm over cooperation with population control groups

8-1-2013: LifeSiteNews: Madagascar Archbishop denounces U.S. Bishops’ agency for pushing contraceptives in his diocese

8-1-2013: Catholic Relief Services Works in Family Planning 'Just Like Others'

8-1-2013: A Sheperd's Voice: Madagascar Archbishop on Catholic Relief Services: "I threw them the hell out of my office"

8-2-2013: Catholic News Agency: Africa Archbishop affirms support for Catholic Relief Services

8-2-2013: Catholic World News: Leading Madagascar prelates strongly criticize Catholic Relief Services

8-5-2013: CBCP News:  Africa Archbishop affirms support for Catholic Relief Services

8-5-2013: Catholic Culture: USCCB: leading Madagascar prelate praises Catholic Relief Services

8-5-2013: Veneremur Cernui: The Empire Strikes Back: USCCB presents quotes of leading Madagascar prelate praising CRS

8-5-2013: National Catholic Reporter: Madagascar archbishop confirms no contraceptives in CRS program

8-6-2013: Catholic News Service: Madagascar archbishops confirm no contraceptives in CRS programs

8-7-2013: LifeSiteNews: Parsing the USCCB’s defense of Catholic Relief Services

8-7-2013: LifeSiteNews: On-going Catholic Relief Services cover-up is shocking and similar in many ways to what LSN endured

8-7-2013: Bishop Lynch: Hurrican Heading Towards Africa

8-8-2013: APIC: Catholic Relief Services pris pour cible par les mouvements "pro life" aux Etats-Unis

8-8-2013: LifeSiteNews: Former CRS head Bishop Lynch says pro-lifers ‘attack’ Catholic agencies as ‘money raising scheme’

8-12-2013: U.S. Catholic: As the pro-life versus anti-poverty battle rages on, a bishop fires back 

8-12-2013: Tim's Stuff: A Response to Bishop Lynch's Attack on the Population Research Institute 

8-12-2013: The Raw Story: Catholic bishop: Pro-life groups ‘not really pro-life but merely anti-abortion

8-13-2013: Huffington Post: Catholic Bishop to Pro-Life Groups: 'Merely Anti-Abortion' Not Enough

8-15-2013: Care2Make a Difference: Catholic Bishops Gives 'Pro-Life' Movement a Tongue Lashing

8-16-2013: National Catholic Register: Catholic Relief Services' Madagscar Aid Analyzed

8-16-2013: The Bellarmine Forum: Lynching the Population Research Institute

8-30-2012: National Catholic Register: CRS, Its Partners, and the Appearance of Scandal

9-5-2013: Spero News: New Report  reveals Catholic Relief Services' work in Madgascar

9-5-2013: LifeSiteNews: In his own words: Madagascar Archbishop criticizes Catholic Relief Services – full transcript

9-6-2013: LifeSiteNews: Second Madagascar Archbishop criticizes Catholic Relief Services: full transcript

9-10-2013: USCCB: Support  For Catholic Relief Services: A Statement Of The Administrative Committee Of The U.S. Conference Of Catholic Bishops

9-11-2013: LifeSiteNews: International pro-life group calls for U.S. Bishops to dissolve Catholic Relief Services

9-11-2013: LifeSiteNews: PRI and Stephen Mosher should receive an award for reporting on CRS Madagascar scandals

9-16-2013: Albany Tribune: Population Research Institute On Mother Teresa And Authentic Charity

9-18-2013: OneNewsNow: Catholic charity should stop taking government money for ungodly work 

9-18-2013: LifeSiteNews: USCCB says CRS ‘fully adheres to Church teaching,’ but CRS leaders admit cause for criticism


Complete Media Coverage of CRS Scandal

7-1-2012: LifeSiteNews:U.S. bishops’ relief agency gives $5.3 million to major contraception-providing charity

7-20-2012: American Life League: Obama, Catholic Relief Services and Doublespeak

7-24-2012: LifeSiteNews: John Haas warned Catholic Relief Services “scandal would be unavoidable” with grant to CARE

7-25-2012: LifeSiteNews: US Bishops’ org defends giving 25% of 2010 US-based grants to pro-contraception group

8-1-2012: LifeSiteNews: Catholic Relief Services received $21.8 million from Gates foundation in 2008

8-2-2012: RedState: Scandal Redux: Catholic Relief Services Edition

8-14-2012: RedState: Catholic Relief Services Doubles Down on Support For Pro-Abortion Groups

8-15-2012: Rorate Caeli: Catholic Relief Services or Abortion Relief Services? Will the Bishops act? 

8-16-2012: Societas Restituto Catholicam: Catholic Relief Services Funds Abortion-Expanding Organization

9-6-2012: LifeSiteNews: Caught red-handed: Catholic Relief Services documents promote condoms

2-20-2013: LifeSiteNews: Catholic Relief Services funding at least two pro-abortion groups in Mexico

2-27-2013: LifeSiteNews: Catholic Relief Services responds to LSN article about pro-abortion partners

3-28-2013: LifeSiteNews: Mexican pro-life leader denounces funding of pro-abortion groups by Catholic Relief Services

6-7-2013: LifeSiteNews: George Weigel on Catholic charities partnering with pro-abortion groups – Video 3

7-9-2013: RenewAmerica: The Scandal Within Catholic Relief Services

7-10-2013: LifeSiteNews: Catholic Relief Services gave over $13 million to pro-abortion group in 2012

7-18-2013: LifeSiteNews: U.S. Bishops’ relief agency caught giving $2.7 million to top abortion-marketing firm

7-22-2013: Catholic Culture: Catholic Relief Services vs. Malaria: The Real Issue 

7-22-2013: CatholicCulture: Pro-life leaders criticize Catholic Relief Services over anti-malaria grant to family-planning provider

7-23-2013: RenewAmerica: Catholic Relief Services-another anti-life launder for the death peddlers

7-24-2013: LifeNews: Time for the Bishops to Quit Funding Pro-Abortion Catholic Relief Service

7-25-2013: LifeSiteNews: Assessing Catholic Relief Service’s defense of its $2.7 million grant to abortion giant

7-25-2013: LifeSiteNews: CRS head Bishop Kicanas Defends $2.7 million grant to abortion giant

7-26-2013: CatholicCulture: Amid fall in support, government grants exceed private donations to Catholic Relief Services

7-27-2013: American Life League: Separating Fact from Damage Control: Assessing Catholic Relief Services' Denfense of its Grant to Population Services International

7-28-2013: God Discussion: Catholic Relief Services receiving more in U.S. government grants than private support

8-2-2013: American Life League: Conterfeit Catholics

8-26-2013: LifeSiteNews: CRS ended major contract with printer over ties to pro-life group that criticized it

9-6-2013: LifeSiteNews: A double standard at Catholic Relief Services

9-18-2013: AngelQueen: Straus Played the Violin; CRS Plays Catholic Bishops

9-18-2013: American Life League: Catholic Relief Services Gave $64M to Groups that Subvert Catholicism

9-19-2013: LifeSiteNews: Moral theologian expresses concern over Catholic Relief Services grant to pro-abortion group

9-19-2013: GloriaTV: Contraception Relief Services

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