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Marching for America’s Future

January 20, 2004

Volume 6/ Number 3

Dear Colleague:

The annual March for Life takes place in our nation’s Capital this Thursday, January 22. Since the Supreme Court, in an act of judicial tyranny, allowed abortion on demand in 1973, over 3 million people have marched on the Capitol Mall in protest. This is the largest continuing popular protest in American history. Be there.

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Steven W. Mosher


(For more information on this year’s March for Life, see; email [email protected], or call 202-543-3377.)

Marching for America’s Future

On Thursday of this week, January 22, PRI staff, their families, and our supporters will join a hundred thousand other Americans at the 31st annual March for Life. Since the infamous 1973 Supreme Court ruling on Roe v. Wade, March for Life President Nellie Gray has worked tirelessly to provide this opportunity for millions of Americans to protest the senseless destruction of innocent human life.

Why should we march?

At last year’s March for Life, President George W. Bush provided one answer to this question: “For 30 years, the March for Life has been sustained by constant prayer and abiding hope, that one day, every child will be born into a family that loves that child and a nation that protects that child.”(1)

The President went on to underline the gravity of abortion. “You all are gathered today on the National Mall, which is not far from the monument to Thomas Jefferson who, as you all know, is author of our Declaration of Independence. And the March for Life upholds the self-evident truth of that Declaration — that all are created equal, given the unalienable rights of life, and liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And that principle of America needs defenders in every place and every


Why should we march? Because biology and theology join hands in supporting an inalienable right to life. All Americans know that human life begins with an act of nature–the joining of sperm and egg at conception/fertilization. Most Americans believe that this coincides with an act of God–the creation of an immortal soul. Abortion, by depriving a human being of life, is both a violation of nature and a rejection of God’s gift of life. And the dead cannot enjoy the right of liberty or pursue happiness, making abortion the denial of all human rights. Abortion is the ultimate violation of the rights of the most vulnerable.

Why should we march? Because abortion is also a violation of the rights and dignity of women. The tens of millions of women who have been victimized by abortion are at increased risk of depression, suicide, divorce, and other health risks, such as breast cancer. Abortion, by severing sex from marriage and childbearing, encourages men to view women as mere objects of pleasure.

Why should we march? Because abortion is an assault upon society. Since 1973, an estimated 45 million abortions have taken place. In recent years, the number of surgical abortions performed annually in America has been on the decline, but still tops a million each year.(3) The number of chemical abortions is even greater. The result has been the graying of America. The median age of Americans would be 30 years of age today were it not for abortion. Instead, it is 36 and rising fast. Unless abortion is checked, the median age in America will be 45 years of age by mid-century.(4) Abortion has removed 10 million workers from the American economy, and put severe strains on the social security system.

Why should we march? Because our country has also exported its abortion mentality overseas in lavishly funded programs of population control. Billions have been spent to promote abortion, contraception, and sterilization in developing countries, while basic needs have been neglected. These anti-natal programs are often abusive, as PRI has documented, and the rights of tens of millions of poor women have been trampled upon.

PRI will continue to March for Life until a Culture of Life is truly restored in America.


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