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Let’s All Celebrate “Earth is for People Day”

The Earth Day slogan that “people are pollution” is so wrong

The Population Research Institute is hosting an “Earth is for People Day” event to celebrate people and humanity’s relationship to the environment. The president of PRI, Steven Mosher, will be answering questions on-line and spreading the message that protecting the environment should mean protecting people as well. The event will be on Earth Day at 10am EST and can be accessed here:

“Human beings are not the enemy of the environment, but are the earth’s ultimate resource. In fact, they are the only resource that can protect other resources” Steven Mosher stated. “And yet they are being wantonly destroyed by population control programs—all in the name of protecting the environment that they are an intimate and integral part of.”

Women and families are being abused in the name of protecting the environment. The Population Research Institute has documented and exposed coercive population control programs in China, India, and numerous other countries around the globe.

PRI President, Steven Mosher, explains: “People are the world’s greatest resource. Pollution is caused by human behavior, not by human births. A child may grow up to kill endangered species, or may grow up to be a biologist. Either way, coercing the child’s mother to accept contraception or forcing her to abort is an unjustifiable human rights violation. Far too often, the most vulnerable have their human rights trampled in the name of the environment.”

“Being good stewards of the planet’s resources should not mean waging a war on women’s fertility,” says Mosher, an eyewitness to forced abortions and forced sterilizations in China. “One of the great ironies of this century is the war on mothers in the name of protecting Mother Earth.”

Steven Mosher has appeared numerous times before Congress as an expert on world population, China, and human rights abuses.

Steven Mosher will be available for interviews surrounding Earth Day.

Press contact: PRI media coordinator: Anne Morse: [email protected]; 540-660-2733

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