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How You Can Help

Send your letters to the Food and Drug Administration. The Administration will consider the request and take public comments on the issue. We know that the FDA takes these comments into account and so we ask everyone interested in removing Norplant from the market to write the FDA with their comments on the drug delivery system.

We have included a sample letter below:

FDA Deputy Commissioner for Medical Products
Dr. Stephen P. Spielberg
Food & Drug Administration
200 C Street, SW
Washington, DC 20204

Dear Deputy Commissioner Spielberg,

I (We) agree with the Population Research Institute, Norplant has damaged so many women in so many countries that it must be withdrawn from the market before it can damage any more. Please consider the Norplant petition with the greatest care. Wyeth Ayerst claims Norplant was tested on 55,000 women around the world, yet an estimated 50,000 are suing the company over the pain their product has caused. We may never know how many thousands of women around the world have had to suffer this drug delivery system's effects in silence because they lacked the legal rights and media outlets that American women have. We urge FDA to prevent more women around the world from needless victimization and take Norplant off the market.


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