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Planned Parenthood Indiana Under Investigation; Fires Guilty Nurse

On December 15, Indiana Attorney General Steve Carter launched an investigation of Planned Parenthood in response to recent footage shot in an undercover investigation by Lila Rose, student journalist and president of Live Action Films.

In the footage, Rose enters the targeted Planned Parenthood clinic posing as a 13-year-old girl and discloses to the staff that she is pregnant by a 31-year-old man. Neither the Bloomington nor Indianapolis clinics reported the rape and both clinics counseled the 13-year-old to obtain a secret abortion across state lines where no parental consent laws applied.

Indiana State Representative Jackie Walorski and right-to-life advocacy groups including American Life League publicly called for the investigation. In 2005, the Attorney General also sought the records of 84 Planned Parenthood patients under the age of fourteen who may have been victims of sexual abuse, but Planned Parenthood sued to prevent their release.’

Rose challenges Planned Parenthood to cooperate. “Planned Parenthood must release files they have previously sued to keep private and allow state authorities to conduct a complete investigation.” She adds, “Mandatory reporting laws are necessary for the protection of young girls, and Planned Parenthood must not be allowed to sabotage them.”

See the Source: Live Action, “Abuse Pattern Develops as Second Indiana Planned Parenthood Covers Up Statutory Rape of 13-Year-Old,” PR Newswire, 16 December 2008,

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Jesuit-Run University Amends Pro-Choice Health Plan

After strong protest from pro-life Catholics, the University of San Francisco (USF) has dropped abortion coverage from a new student health care plan. A top USF official says the Jesuit college supports the pro-life teachings of the Catholic Church and made a mistake in including abortion in the package.

Gary McDonald, the director of Communications and Public Affairs, said in a statement, “A new health plan for students at the University of San Francisco included a provision for the voluntary termination of pregnancy,” he said. “It was not the University’s intention to offer this coverage.”

“We regret this mistake, and we take full responsibility for not adequately reviewing the contract. We are grateful to those who brought this issue to our attention,” he added.

McDonald also promised that, “USF supports the Catholic Church’s views on the sanctity of life, at all stages, and we will remove this provision from our student health plan.”

Previously, USF honored abortion advocate Gavin Newsom, the former San Francisco mayor, as a graduation speaker.

ACTION: Contact USF and thank them for removing the pro-abortion health care plan at University of San Francisco, Office of the President, 2130 Fulton St., San Francisco, CA 94117, call (415) 422-6762, or e-mail [email protected] Find more contacts at

See the Source: Steven Ertelt, “Catholic University of San Francisco Drops Abortion Coverage From Health Plan,”, 10 December 2008

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Letter to Fr. Marx from Gail Instance, Director of FLI Australia

Dear Fr. Marx,

The bad news is that abortion has been decriminalized in the state of Victoria. Women may now have abortions legally up to 24 weeks, for any or no reason, and after that as long as two doctors agree, right up to birth. All attempts to amend the legislation failed, since pro-aborts have control over both Houses of Parliament. Partial birth is now legal, as are sex-selection abortions. There is no conscientious objection allowed and doctors will be forced to refer for abortions regardless of their own pro-life objections.

Archbishop Hart, of Melbourne, has announced that no Catholic Hospital will cooperate in the evil of abortion by referring on to anti-life doctors, and he has threatened to close the hospitals if worst comes to worst.

We have resurrected our youth program, Jonah, after a couple of years and hope to re-build a strong youth arm of FLI. We have a good group of regular vigillers coming each week to the abortion mill to pray and counsel. The Maronite cathedral is up the road from the mill and Fr. Charbel says Mass for the vigillers and then joins us at the mill.

I hope you’re keeping well, and thank you for your continued support and encouragement. We all appreciate it. Scott would like to meet you one day.

Every time I get tired and want to go home and make cakes, I can hear you saying, “Never give up.”

God bless,

Gail Instance,

Director, FLI Australia

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