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“Abortion often is illegal in developing countries, and recording accurate abortion data in those countries is impossible, said Steven Mosher, president of the Population Research institute (PRI), ‘Neither Guttmacher nor anyone else knows how many abortions have been performed worldwide in this year or any other year,’ Mosher said in a written statement.”

Tom Strode, “Mo. Official OK’s misleading ballot language again, pro-lifers say,” Life Digest, Baptist Press, 19 October 2007,

“Steven Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute and the first American to discover and write about China’s one-child policy, told World that he’d heard about such cases, but the details of this case set it apart [women who had 23 needles embedded in her body as a child]. Of all the horrible stories coming out of China, he said, ‘this one is a 10, almost up there with fetal cannibalism.’”

Susan Olasky, “Unsuccessful murder: Case highlights cruelty of one-child policy,” World Magazine, 14 September 2007,

“Our friends at Population Research institute (PRI) have documented that Red Chinese depopulation officials said there was ‘no distinction’ between their barbaric actions and UNFPA’s in one part of China.…

“What’s more, PRI found that UNFPA itself has reported its involvement in forced sterilizations in Peru and in smuggling abortion devices into Pakistan, where refugee women were bullied into abortions.”

C-Fam’s Letter from the UN Front, October, 2007, Catholic family and Human Rights Institute, page 3–4.

“The main factor behind the ongoing global recalls and heightened concerns over many of China’s exports is corruption existing at all levels of the inspection and regulatory chain in the country, said Steven Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute.

“Americans need to understand certain truths about our Chinese trading partners. Chief among these truths is the fact that corrupt and profit-driven Chinese officials are not only unwilling but fundamentally unable to ensure that all of their exports meet international standards] Mosher said in a note.

“He said the recent surge in quality and safety issues for China’s products stretched across a wide swath of industries.

“’Lead in toys, poisoned toothpaste, tainted wheat and carcinogenic shrimp are not just the products of individual Chinese factories, they are the products of the Chinese system,’ Mosher added.

“The Population Research Institute (PRI),…bills itself as committed to ‘opposing outdated social and economic paradigms.’”

“Corrupt officials the root cause of China’s product quality crisis-U.S. NPO,”, 13 September 2007,

“The lies of those who frightened whole Nations with their ‘chicken little’ message of global overpopulation have been exposed. Perhaps the best organization in my book for presenting the truth on this entire issue is Population Research Institute headed by Steve Mosher ( Sadly, these governments are still allowing ‘legal’ abortion. This further compounds the evil by emphasizing that the stronger person can decide who dies and who lives.”

Deacon Keith Fournier, “Commentary, Planned Parenthood, Terrorism and the Bizarro World,” Catholic online, U.S. News, 23 October 2007,

“Carlos Polo, the director of the Latin America office of the Population Research Institute, told ACN [Aid to the Church in Need] that this was not the first time that the term ‘therapeutic abortion’ had been used to undermine the legal protection of the unborn child. ‘We know precisely which international organizations are exerting pressure in order to ensure that unborn children are no longer protected under the law,’ he said. This was a well-known strategy. First of all exceptions to the law were secured, and then finally these exceptional provisions were misused, in order to legalize “every form or abortion,’” he explained. He congratulated the people and the rulers of Nicaragua on having thus far upheld the national ban on abortion, for in this way Nicaragua had ‘demonstrated its dignity and its independence as a nation.’”

“Nicaragua: Bishop condemns ‘therapeutic abortion,’” Aid to the Church in Need press release, 7 September 2007,

“’YouTube has been a great boon to the nonprofit community because, with it, a video can he instantly available anywhere in the world,’ says media producer Colin Mason.

“Mason, director of media production for the Population Research institute (PRI) in Front Royal, spoke to ZENIT about the success the organization has had using the medium to spread its Catholic message.

“PRI launched its first YouTube video in June as an introduction to its work and research. Its effectiveness led to a new effort called the ‘Viral Video Campaign.’

“The first video of the campaign, a ’51-second pro-life video called ‘The Human Race,’ asks the question: Humanity is rushing toward the future. But where are we headed?’

“Mason said: ‘We’ve been having a good deal of success with YouTube and it has been responsible for a big chunk of the traffic on our website. People have expressed a lot of support for the videos—their quality, message, etc.

“’We believe that these short, punchy videos are crucial in raising the YouTube generations awareness of life issues.’”

“Touting YouTube’s Catholic Potential,” Zenit, 13 November 2007,

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