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‘In its May 6 ‘Weekly Briefing,’ the Population Research Institute (PRI) warned of an obviously growing totalitarian trend among homosexual activists who wish to silence all freedom of religion and speech pertaining to criticism of homosexuality.

‘Joseph D’Agostino, PRI’s vice president for communications, writes in the briefing that ‘today’s homosexual ‘rights’ activists are determined to impose upon Western society a neopaganism that is anti-life, anti-family, and anti-religious, and they actively seek to punish those who disagree.’

‘PRI, a world leader in exposing the lies and manipulations of the population control movement, sees a clear connection between the ruthless depopulationists and the gay activism movement. Homosexuality and those who become involved in it are being used by population controllers, PRI argues, just as the Nazis also used homosexuals for their purposes, and then disposed of them when they were no longer useful.

‘D’Agostino notes that ‘obviously, homosexuality is opposed to the propagation of new human life, and the huge campaign in favor of it we now experience comes at a time when birthrates have already fallen below replacement in almost every Western country. In fact, as early as the 1960s, Planned Parenthood listed the encouragement of homosexuality as one of the methods for reducing human populations. And male homosexual behavior spreads AIDS, which increases the death rate.’

‘However, D’Agostino warns, as are many others today, that ‘it may be illegal to say such things in the near future.’ He then presents real cases of persecution of those who have publicly disagreed with homosexuality.

‘The PRI communications vice president adds that disagreement is warranted since ‘we all know how incredibly destructive active homosexuality is, spiritually, psychologically, socially, to families, and to health.’

‘Maggie Gallagher’s May 15 Weekly Standard article, ‘Banned in Boston’ is noted as revealing ‘in alarming detail’ that ‘the gradual adoption of same-sex marriage will gradually abrogate Americans’ religious freedom.’

‘Finally D’Agostino quotes bisexual Camille Paglia’s, June 23, 1998 column in which she relates her meeting with some prominent homosexual activists. She wrote, ‘Behind their smooth, bland faces I saw the seething hatreds of Dostoevskian anarchists. I found these men more spiritually twisted than anyone I have encountered in my life.”

Steve Jalsevac, ‘Totalitarian Trends

in Homosexual Rights Movement,’

The Wanderer, page 3, 1 June 2006

‘Some critics focus on economic issues-symbolized by the congressional firestorm that erupted over the proposed takeover by the China National Offshore Oil Corp. of UNOCAL. Chinese trade surpluses and currency practices today top the list.

‘Fears are rising over Chinese activities in Latin America. ‘Red China is on the March,’ warned Steven Mosher a couple of months ago. Equally strong fears have been expressed of increasing PRC political influence in Asia. Even moderate voices, such as the East-West Center, produce studies entitled ‘meeting the China Challenge’ and see a ‘shifting ‘balance of influence’ if not military strength in East Asia.”

Doug Bandow, ‘Searching for

the Next Enemy,’ Foreign


26 May 2006,


”Unlike the Third Reich of Adolf Hitler, the Soviet Union of Joseph Stalin, and the Democratic Kampuchea of Pol Pot, the People’s Republic of China of Mao Zedong survives to the present day, its ruling party intact, its system of government largely unchanged,’ says the president of the Population Research Institute, Steven Mosher, who is among the handful of China ‘experts’ who actually know what they’re talking about.’

Kin-Ming Liu, ‘The Official

Chinese Amnesia,’
The New York

Sun, 1 June 2006,

”Most sub-Saharan African nations, following the pro-condoms model, continue to suffer from rising HIV infection rates. Ugandan surveys show a reduction in premarital sexual activity among Ugandan youth and a reduction in extramarital activity among adults,’ wrote Population Researcher Institute’s Joseph A. D’Agostino.’

Gudrun Schultz, ‘Medical Journalist

Says Reliance on Condoms Spreads


23 June 2006,

‘According to United Nation’s numbers, two children need to be born to every woman in her lifetime to sustain an economy. Russia’s replacement rate is 1.4. Bulgaria’s is 1.3. In some AIDS-ravaged regions of the world the rate falls below 1.0. Joseph D’Agostino of the Population Research Institute says groups like USAID and the UNFPA know the statistics, but continue to depress the population by flooding countries with condoms.

”There’s got to be a more ideological agenda here than just trying to control the growth of these Third World populations which are no longer growing anyway.’

‘He says that agenda includes mistaken concerns of radical ecologists and feminists.

”There’s no way a society can remain economically viable if it’s got six retirees for every working person. It just can’t work.”

Steve Jordahl, ‘Population Control May

Not be Best for All Nations,’ Family

News in Focus, Focus on the

Family, 21 February 2006,


Joseph A. D’Agostino’s article, ‘Homofascists March On’ was reprinted by the ‘Renew America’ website on 11 May 2006, at

Joseph A. D’Agostino’s article, ‘Why think abortion good for anyone?’ was reprinted in the January/February edition of Jonah, the publication of the pro-life youth group of Family Life International (FLI).

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