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“A pro-family organization has done extensive research into birthrates around the world and has concluded that if the Western world wants to survive, it better start having more children. The Population Research institute (PRI) says virtually every Western or Westernized nation on the planet is slowly dying off because birthrates have fallen below the 21child-per-woman replacement level.

“PRI spokesman Joseph D’Agostino says for the most part, only Muslims have high birthrates. ‘It’s because Christians and Jews are refusing to have children, refusing to get married, [and] having such low birthrates that the Muslims are going to inherit the Earth,’ he explains. ‘It’s not anything the Muslims are doing; it’s what Christians and Jews are not doing.’

“D’Agostino says the future of the world will certainly he quite different if Muslims become the dominant population group in the coming decades. ‘I think we can see what life is like in Islamic countries,’ he says. ‘I think Christians know that it’s a false religion. And we can see that the Muslim world is becoming actually more radical and, in many ways, is headed backwards into its barbaric phase.’

“D’Agostino notes that it is only through immigration that the U.S. population continues to grow — and that the current situation begs a pragmatic solution: ‘If you don’t want the world to turn into Saudi Arabia, maybe people other than Muslims need to start having some kids at the rate the Muslims are having kids.”’

See (and hear) the Source: Chad Groening, “Current birthrates could produce Muslim domination,”, 2 February 2007,

The item was also picked up by: France’s Journal Chretien,

“Don’t give the international organization the power to tax, pro-family experts warn.

“France, Brazil. Britain, Norway and Chile will begin taxing airline tickets next year. The five countries say the $300 million raised will go towards UN efforts to fight AIDS and other diseases in poor countries.

“Joseph D’Agostino, Vice President of Communications with the Population Research Institute, called the move [taxing airline tickets and giving the money to the U.N. to fight AIDS and other diseases in poor countries] ‘a dangerous precedent.’

‘“A lot of people at the U.N. and elsewhere want the United Nations to be able to collect its own taxes, and this seems to be a step in that direction,’ he said.

“D’Agostino said he doesn’t oppose raising money to help sick children, but once the United Nations gains the ability to impose taxes, it will use the money to support its liberal agenda, which favors homosexuality and abortion — and opposes religion.”

See the Source: “Tax on Airline Tickets Will Fund U.N. Programs,”, Focus on the Family, 21 September 2006,

“Current facts and figures from the UN indicate that, at the current rate, in 2050 there will be 600M Chinese over 50, more than twice the number of citizens under 20. President of Population Research Institute, Steven Mosher, predicts that those figures will force the Communist government to then shift its focus to eliminating the elderly population.

“Some believe that, despite detrimental social forecasts for the nation, the Communist Party continues to enforce their current family planning policy as a means of total authority and social dominion over the population.”

See the Source: Meg Jalsevac, “china’s Wealthy Citizens Find Ways to Side-Step One-Child Policy,” LifeSite News, 9 January 2007,

“New reports indicate that there are about 40,000 abortions that take place every year in Israel. According to official records, the government approves and pays for about half of the abortions, which are carried out in public hospitals.

“Steven Mosher, the President of the Population Research Institute, says abortions have caused population problems for Israel.

“‘With birthrates well below replacement, Israel’s economy has survived over the past decade and a half largely because of the steady influx of Jews from Russia and the other former Soviet republics,’ Mosher said.

“That combined with short-term migrant labor from countries like Romania, the Philippines, and Thailand has stayed off potential workplace shortages and helped support retired residents.

“However, Israel, a small nation in the most volatile region of the world, may not be able to continue to pull in those immigrants and workers and may see future underpopulation issues if those sources of workers dry up.

“‘Had migrant workers not been available, that is to say, it population control programs had succeeded in flatlining birthrates everywhere, development in many countries would have stalled because of labor shortages,’ Mosher explained.”

See the Source: Steven Ertelt, “Israel Sees 40,000 Abortions Annually, Lawmaker Wants Tax Funding,” 14 November 2006,

“Feminism’s Triumph: Exterminating Girls” by Joseph D’Agostino was reprinted by Human Events Online, 2 January 2007,

“The New Leader in Demographic Decline,” by Joseph D’Agostino was reprinted by Human Events Online, 9 January 2007, \

“The New Global Leader in Demographic Decline — South Korea,” by Joseph A. D’Agostino was reprinted by Lifesite News of Niagara Falls, New York, 5 January 2007,

“Two Different Abortion Pills Grow in Use,” by Joseph A. D’Agostino was reprinted by Human Events Online, 2 January 2007,

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