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Don’t Miss: Steven Mosher on EWTN

PRI president, Mr. Steven W. Mosher, will be on EWTN not once, not twice, but ten times next week!

Mr. Mosher will be interviewed by Johnette Benkovic on the program Women of Grace

Mr. Steven Mosher went to China as a young pro-choice atheist in the 1970's. Of his witness of forced abortions in China, Mosher says, "I saw hell open up before me." He returned from China as a pro-life advocate. You can hear this conversion story airing at 11am and 11:30pm this Monday.

Europe is shrinking, Asia is ageing, and population controllers still lament overpopulation as a cause of social ills. Are they right? Or is overpopulation a myth? You can hear Mr. Mosher's discussion at 11am and 11:30pm this Tuesday.

Population controllers tout the benefits of population control, but are the benefits real? And what are the costs? Mr. Mosher discusses the costs of population control. You can watch part 1 on Wednesday at 11am and 11:30 pm, and part 2 on Thursday at 11am and 11:30pm. 

Population doomsayers make a fortune preaching the end of humanity, and their rhetoric changes with what sells. You can hear Mr. Mosher discuss "marketing population control" on Friday at 11am and 11:30pm.

Monday: 9/23/2013

11am &11:30 pm

A Vision of Hell: One Man’s Call to Pro-Life

Tuesday: 9/24/2013

11am &11:30 pm

Is There A Population Problem?

Wednesday: 9/25/2013

11am &11:30 pm

Population Controls’ Hidden Costs, Part 1

Thursday: 9/26/2013

11am &11:30 pm

Population Control’s Hidden Costs, Part 2

Friday: 9/27/2013

11am &11:30 pm

Marketing Population Control


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