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Correspondence: Praise for PRI’s Successful Effort to Defund UNFPA From Around the World

From Nigeria

Bravo Steve RE: UNFPA Palaver

I am delighted to read about the defeat of the popcon Goliath, UNFPA, by the great work US pro-lifers, especially PRI have done to achieve what seemed virtually impossible.

I am sending an e-mail to Mr. President today to thank him for his courageous policy decision about UNFPA.

Your courage encourages us to go on and the Bush Administration decision was really a birthday anniversary news to me in particular and a bonanza to scores of thousands of our African families whose little babies may have been saved from the fangs of the dragon called UNFPA.

May the Good Lord continue to guard and guide you as you carry out your onerous responsibilities.

Your brother in Christ,

Lawrence A, Adekoya, kcss

Human Life Protection League


Dear Lawrence,

Thanks for your prayers and encouragement, This is only one battle in the continuing war that the other side is waging against people, but we thank God that He has given us the victory.

The next fight is to defund UNFPA in other countries, such as the UK, Canada, Germany, and Japan, all big funders of its malicious work around the globe.

God bless.

Steve Mosher

From A Satisfied Reader

Thank you for sending me this good news and thank you for all of your hard work raising awareness of this problem.


Bob Babecka

From Belgium

Dear Sir,

Congratulations for your efforts to demonstrate the hypocrisy of the system. You got today a beautiful victory.

Olivier Demeure,

Lasne, Belgium

From Ohio

Congratulations for all that you did to make this victory for life a reality.

John Kippley

From A Happy Pro-Lifer

Dear Everyone at PRI,

A huge and heartfelt congratulations and thanks for the wonderful work you are doing to end population control throughout the world which has born such spectacular fruit with the announcement that UNPFA funding has been cut.

I heard the news late last night and was overwhelmed with uncontrollable joy. For the first time I felt I understood the feelings which inspired William Wordsworth to write, “Bliss it was that dawn to be alive…”

As luck (or G-d?) would have it, I had a convenient bottle of champagne chilling in the fridge, I cracked the bottle open, threw open my front door and proffered glasses of the bubbly liquid to stunned passers by, as I shouted with all the power my lungs could muster: “One nil, one nil, one nil.”

Some ten hours later the feeling of joy is as strong as ever but it is mingled with something else — hope. For the first time I feel the goal is within our grasp. Maybe, just maybe, we will end population control in our lifetimes.

With best wishes and immense gratitude,

Catherine Lafferty

From California

Dear Steve Mosher, staff and volunteers,

Thank you for all your hard work resulting in this incredible accomplishment!! This is a major move in the RIGHT direction! God bless you and your efforts!

Christine Lowe

From Arizona

God bless in the interview, Steve, and God bless you for helping President Bush come to this decision. I thought you had a hand in it.

In Christ,

Tom Nash

From Minnesota

THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all the work bringing this about. It is so appreciated by we, the taxpayers!

The Daningers of MN

From Illinois

Just wanted to let you know that I heard Steven Mosher on Chicago Public Radio the other day and thought he did an excellent job! His points were very clear and the interviewer seemed unable to guide him off track. I appreciated his clear communication in letting the public know about the risks and abuses of population control and the UN’s hand-in-hand relationship with coercive family planning worldwide. Thanks so much for your work on this issue!


Libby Gray, Project Reality,


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