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Correspondence: Babies as virus and go, go Norplant!

Almost no comment needed…

Before humans infested the planet, the earth was place of balance and perfection. Predator and prey, day and night, summer and winter. Nature’s way is balance. Nature always provides enough wildebeests to feed the lions. And always enough lions to keep the wildebeests from overpopulating.

Dig a hole in your yard and leave it, Nature will fill it back up. Make a pile, and nature will flatten it down. What has plenty, nature draws from, and gives to that which doesn’t have enough.

But the human way is different. The species which has so much, only wants more, and pursues it at the expense of the earth’s ecosystems and wildlife which have already suffered so much at the hands of humanity. The rainforests, the air, the water, the wildlife. They all continue to suffer because humans desire more. More cleared space. More wood. More oil. More houses. More paper. More wealth. More babies. More impact on the wild planet.

If humans are going to use unnatural means of increasing the survival of individuals, then that must be compensated for by lowering the birthrate. In the last hundred years, vaccinations, antibiotics, organ transplants, and other modern health techniques have become commonplace. But humans want to have there [sic] cake and eat it too. Its [sic] not right. With every medical advance should come an appropriate decrease in the birth rate. The population of the world now increases more every fifteen years than it did in the fifteen thousand years before 1900.

The human population needs to decrease, not increase. And that fact has nothing to do with racism, or religion, or with one nation trying to get an advantage over another. It has everything to do with saving our planet’s irreplaceable wildlife and wild places, and with being realistic about the impact of humans on the planet.

My goal is to do everything I can to defend the wild planet from so-called civilized man. Toward that end, I do activist work to decrease the birthrate. I hope PRI will one day realize that to our wild planet, a human baby is just another of more than 6,000,000,000 “virus cells,” infecting and killing the wildlife and ecosystems.


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Editor’s comment: It is always tempting to respond to letters like this by pointing out the obvious syllogism. If human beings are the problem, and you are a human being then.… But we will refrain.

Norplant petition offends

I am a white, educated, 40-year-old middle class female who has made a choice to use Norplant for 8 years now. I find your petition amazingly offensive. I did choose Norplant as my birth control specifically because I consistently forgot to take birth control pills and because the side effects I had with the pill were enough to prevent me from continuing to use it as a source of birth control. I have made a choice not to have children and find this birth control a godsend.

The US, as well as many other countries would greatly benefit from population control. Not just for the sake of population control but also for the sake of the children. Too many are born into poverty, single family homes, abuse and neglect. I am sick and tired of people having children simply because they can. It’s not really a conscious [sic] choice for most people, most people operate on religious and cultural requirements to procreate.

Anyone or any organization opposed to something can find examples of problems and side effects.

In anything there is a risk that a small percentage will experience side effects. Congratulations on finding or fabricating some incredible examples. Again I find this sort of “promotion” offensive.

Melissa H.

Via the internet

Editor’s reply: Please read the petition. You will notice that the articles we cite are from credited media sources or peer-reviewed medical journals. You should count yourself lucky that your Norplant experience was as problem-free as you say it was. Many, many other women have not found theirs to be so. They deserve to be heard.

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