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Dear Steve,

The article in Population Research institute Review on John Holdren in Vol. 19, No. 5, “President Obama’s Bizarre Science Czar” is incredible. He is stupid and in a sense evil. He is a real nut.

I wish we could have all our students here read this type of article and write papers thereon. They should surely be aware of what is being written. So many lies are believed by students when written by so-called experts such as Paul Ehrlich.

These publications should be in our library.

There is a real need for your newsletter.

Keep plugging away,

In Domino,

Fr. Paul Marx, OSB, PRI Founder

Dear PRI,

I would like to thank you for sending me a copy of your book “Population Control” (Real Costs, Illusory Benefits).

Congratulations for your very professional research on population studies. Together with your bimonthly Population Research Institute Review, your book represents a very informative and useful tool in the fight against illicit and immoral methods of population control.

As you state in Chapter 4, “Out of Africa:”

“The combination of bribes, threats, and blandishments used to induce governments in the developing world to address their population problems, or at least to allow foreign-funded groups to operate freely within their borders for the purpose of reducing population, defies simple description or generalization.”

This is unfortunately and sadly still true not only in Africa, but in many other countries of the world! And this with all the many implications related to the problem, not only for under-developed countries, including Kenya, but also for the super-developed ones such Italy, a Country on the way to extinction, because of the frightful decrease of locally born citizens.

So, dear Mr. Mosher, continue your precious work as President of the Population Research Institute. You are fulfilling an irreplaceable service to the present and the future of mankind! Do so on behalf of the poor of the world and in the name of Almighty God!

With best wishes and personal prayers,

I remain sincerely yours,

Rt. Rev. Ambrose N. Ravasi, IMC,

Bishop Emeritus, Diocese of Marsabit

Dear Mr. Mosher,

My husband grew up in a very rural area of Kansas. We now live in Minnesota. Each time we go home and attend Mass we are definitely a show for the locals, 4 young sons and a fifth child on the way. These rural communities in KS are dying, no one has more than two children, and of the two or three they do have … most sadly leave.

The article that was posted in their local newspaper last week was deplorable. It’s a one sided attack on any sort of openness to life. And rants about overpopulation, perpetuating the fear. We decided it was time to get some solid books on overpopulation as we are not well versed in this area in order to respond to such attacks on life.

We do our best to witness, but the poor people in KS need more than one big family from MN to open their eyes. Do what you want with this article, respond, or maybe tell us how and if to respond. We are looking forward to receiving your book in the mail, and reading it.

Jennifer and Ryan S., Maple Lake, MN

Dear Jennifer,

Help is on the way! PRI has a new educational series to help calm the overpopulation hysteria. Visit Our first video and facts package detailing the origins of the myth is there. More videos coming as soon as we can make them.

Dear Steve,

I get your PRI Review regularly. Many thanks for the good information. We have our own war here. All the women are urged to accept some form of fertility preventing medicine or device. They set their targets, 50% of all fertile women have to accept Norplant.

So we give intensive information about this thing via [Catholic] Radio Lumen. It helps. We can he heard far outside our district. Only 2% of women (who perhaps did not hear the broad-casts) accept Norplant.

Some women, who before accepted Depo-Provera or the pill, are now told that there is only one method: Norplant. They say, “We are better off with having another child!”

When IPPF cannot come in via the door, they try coming in via the window. They even try to pay the parishes for catechetical activities. Then they use the facilities in the parishes to propagate the artificial methods [of contraception], including Norplant. They even try to get the parish priest to introduce them to the people. If they succeed, they are happy. We try to make the priests understand that the Church cannot lie to its people. And so they refuse to allow their facilities to be used to mislead the people.

We hope we can prevent many had things in these times. We are so very glad to receive your publication.

Till next time.

A Catholic nun working in Indonesia

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