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Conservative Book Club and Chuck Colson Feature Groundbreaking Pro-life Book

Front Royal, VA, 09/11/08 – Steven Mosher’s latest book, Population
Control – Real Costs, Illusory Benefits, was picked as September’s
main selection for the Conservative Book Club, in addition to being the
subject of a series on Chuck Colson’s radio program BreakPoint.

Mosher’s book, a withering exposé of the population control movement’s racist and eugenic roots, draws from his own personal experience of China’s one-child policy in 1979. Mosher describes the population control movement asa movement based on false premises, which has, as a result, become the world’s Number One violator of human rights.

"Human rights are nonnegotiable, or they are not rights at
all," Mosher says. "Abuses of basic rights, such as the
right to bear children, cannot be expunged by reference to any
calculus of costs versus benefits." Mosher’s book explains
exactly how the population control movement continues to violate these
basic rights, in its pursuit of a highly questionable "good"
– fewer people.

Please call or email if you wish to interview Steven Mosher on his new book. The book, (published by Transaction Press) is available for purchase on or on the Population Research Institute’s web site:

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