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Steven W. Mosher

M.S. Oceanography, M.A. East Asian Studies, M.A. Anthropology, is the President of the Population Research Institute and has a research interest in historical climate change.

US Birth Rate Continues to Plummet

DEC 2019, Despite robust economic growth and low employment over the past two years, births in the United States have continued to plummet.

It’s been ten years since the Great Recession ended. Yet, despite robust economic growth and low employment over the past two...

Population control policies to combat climate change prove deadly

NOV 2019, A group of over 11,000 scientists are calling for population control measures to avoid severe human suffering from global climate change, a notion a demographer says is heavily tied to money and not actual science...

Why Bernie Sanders’ ‘overpopulation’ theory is total bunk

SEP 2019, Bernie Sanders is a real blast from the past. Not only does the aging pol peddle failed socialist ideas that are better at producing tyranny than prosperity, now he’s recycling the long discredited idea that we are breeding ourselves off the face of the planet...

PRI Featured on the Dan Bongino Show

SEP 2019, Dan Bongino discussed Bernie Sanders’s recent support for population control programs worldwide, including for abortions.

Climate Change Alarmism Results in Anti-Baby Madness:

FEB 2019, AOC believes we should stop having babies

Steven Mosher Says Poverty, Not People, is the Enemy of the Environment

OCT 2017, Mosher debunks the myth of overpopulation at International Conference of Population Control

The Earth is Not “Sick” and Mankind is Thriving as Never Before

JUL 2015, The world has reduced extreme poverty by half.

U.N. Climate Models Flawed – Grossly Exaggerate Warming Effect

AUG 2011, The supposed threat of man-made Global Warming is used to justify population control programs.

Population Control to Combat Climate Change?

SEP 2009, The internationally recognized British medical journal, The Lancet, predicts billions of lives are at risk due to Climate Change.

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