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China; changing thinking; and still more Norplant woes

Refreshing article

Dear Mr. Mosher,

I had originally read your book Broken Earth over a year ago after reading about it in one of Thomas Sowell’s books. I found your book spellbinding & filled with compassion, clarity, and above all, intellectual honesty. The truth about China’s one child policy was eye-opening, but more than that, I was fascinated (and surprised) by your conclusion that Communism didn’t make life better for Chinese peasants.

I’d kind of forgotten about the book until I saw your recent article about population in the WSJ. Naturally, l enjoyed the article. It’s so refreshing to hear an honest perspective on the whole population explosion issue. I’d always intuited something sinister about the cry for “population control” by environmentalists & intellectuals. You articulate my vague feelings precisely. Thank you.

I was equally gratified to read your response to criticism of your article today (13 March). Keep up the (much needed) good work.


Caroline B. Beckenhaupt

Via the internet

Changing thinking

Dear Sir:

We agree with you that the mobilization of an alternative thinking regarding the population control movement taken up by the UN is the need of the times. It is high time the world, especially the developing countries in it, saw through the coercive tactics of the population control lobbyists. We congratulate you for having taken up the fight against the de-population activists as well as the deep seated vested interest they serve.

We realize that people in the developing countries need to be more informed of the real issues related with population growth. The UN-G7 conspiracy behind misinforming and misleading the developing world should be taken note of.

We are a regular subscriber of your PRI Review . We find it highly informative, educational and bold.

Yours sincerely,

Mathew Arackal

Kerala, India


To whom it may concern:

I just had my Norplant removed two weeks ago, after being on it for almost 4 years. The first three or so years were filled with constant bleeding. My menstrual discharge was not normal in consistency nor color. This made me feel extremely self-conscious when it came to sex. Essentially, I felt disgusting and did not want to have sex with my boyfriend, now husband. So in the sense of Norplant as a birth control, it did work for me because I almost NEVER had sex.

During the last 9-11 months, I started to get strong, constant and frequent headaches. I would take up to 4 Advil at a time, up to 20 a day, trying to get rid of the pain, but Advil, Tylenol, Aleve, and all other did not even relieve a sliver of the pain. The headaches would sometimes last up to a week of constant pressure. I was glad and seared to read that this was a common side effect.

With a headache I went to get my Norplant removed at 8 am one morning. At 4 o’clock that same afternoon, the headache was gone. I have not had a hint of one since. I was angry, though at the nurse’s response to my question. She told me the Norplant did definitely NOT cause my headaches and she also denied me when I asked her to hold off on the pill while I let my body rid of the Norplant.

I have not participated in the lawsuit but I would like more information about it and what happens. When I was I 8, my OB/GYN told me that Norplant was a good me to seek long term protection. I’m sure, knowing what I do now, I’d never have done it to begin with. If possible, I’d like more information about the condition that causes the headaches. Thank You.



Via the internet

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