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Argentina Rejects Abortion—Campaign to Defend Life Provides a Model for Other Countries

August 9, 2018

Early this morning, Argentina’s senate rejected a bill that would have legalized abortion on-demand up to 14 weeks gestation and thereafter in cases of health, rape, and fetal disability. 38 Senators voted against the bill, with 31 Senators voting for and 3 abstaining. The vote came after Argentina’s lower legislative house, the Chamber of Deputies, narrowly voted to approve the bill on June 23rd.

“This is a great victory for life and for the family,” says Carlos Beltramo, Director of the Population Research Institute, Office in Europe and a native of Argentina.

Pro-life Argentines had held a number of demonstrations over the past year to oppose the legislative initiative to legalize abortion, including a ‘march for life’ demonstration on March 25th that was attended by an estimated 2 million people nationwide, as well as another on May 20th attended by an estimated 3 million people nationwide.

The Population Research Institute (PRI) Office in Latin America, Office in Europe, and PRI RELEASE played an active role in the campaign to defeat the abortion bill by providing analysis and advice on effective campaigning to pro-life groups in Argentina. PRI RELEASE is a division of PRI that provides tools and analysis for organizations to empower citizens and to improve organizational effectiveness in mobilizing support for causes that make the world a better place for everyone.

“After the hard defeat in Dublin, Argentina has now changed the axis of the abortion debate and has provided the world with a good example of how people can stop the global anti-life tsunami,” Beltramo says, “PRI is committed to replicating this model in the future.”

Media Contact:
Carlos Polo
Director, PRI Office in Latin America
[email protected]
Whatsapp: +51 950831516
Skype: carlospoloperu

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