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Abortion and Population Control

October 19, 2000

Volume 2/ Number 18

Dear Friend and Colleague:

There has been a lot in the news recently about “racial profiling.” Both presidential candidates have decried its use. But there is another form of racial profiling that needs to be exposed and stopped: The targeting of minorities by the abortion industry. Rev. Hunter and LEARN intend to do just that.

Steven W. Mosher


Abortion and Population Control

On Columbus Day, nearly a thousand African-Americans converged on the Lincoln Memorial, held a lively rally, and then marched on the Supreme Court. They were protesting abortion and something more: The racial targeting of minorities by the abortion industry.

This annual If You Love Babies, Say So March was organized by the Life, Education and Resource Network (LEARN), an African-America pro-life group led by the Reverend Johnny Hunter ( The Say So March included such notable leaders as Star Parker, director of the Coalition on Urban Renewal and Education, Rev. Clenard Childress of Newark, Rev. Ceasar LeFlore from Chicago and Levon Yuille, President of the National Black Pro-life Leadership Congress in Michigan.

The Washington Post, which has in the past given extensive coverage to much smaller demonstrations, was nowhere to be seen. Apparently the wholesale destruction of the black babies by the abortion industry is not, in the view of the Posts editors, newsworthy.

The lack of media coverage did not discourage Rev. Hunter, who vows to continue the march in years to come. “The African-American community needs to be warned about the effect that abortion is having upon them,” Rev Hunter said. “The racial targeting of minorities must stop.”

The Reverend Jessie Jackson began his political career by denouncing abortion as population control against blacks. He fell silent after this 1977 speech, however, and since then the black community has had no leader of national stature to speak out against abortion. Reverend Hunter has now stepped forward to warn the African-American community.

The numbers tell the story. Though blacks make up only 12% of the population, they account for 34% of abortions, 2.5 times the ratio per thousand than whites[1]. According to one report, an African-American womans pregnancy is 3 times as likely to end in abortion as the pregnancy of a white woman. The result of this high abortion rate is that blacks have nearly as many abortions as live births[2].

It is no accident that the majority of abortion clinics are located in minority neighborhoods.

From its beginning in the early decades of the Twentieth Century the eugenics movement targeted blacks for sterilization and abortion. The infamous “Negro Project” was the brainchild of Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, and was intended to reduce the number of black babies born in this country.

The collaboration between the American Eugenics Society and Margaret Sanger in the thirties was not limited to an effort to legalize contraception, sterilization and abortion. They had negative eugenics, the selective elimination of entire groups, in mind. We now know, based on evidence uncovered by LEARN researcher Akua Furlow, that these collaborators were specifically targeting blacks to accept and use birth control (contraception, sterilization and abortion. Margaret Sanger writes in the Pivot of Civilization that birth control should be used to stop an “…unceasingly spawning class of human beings who should never have been born at all…” (p. 187)

Today Planned Parenthood, the largest provider of abortion in the United States, continues to peddle birth control to minorities, such as African-Americans. This, along with other government social programs such as Medicaid that pay for abortions and birth control, results in the statistics mentioned above. The truth is, you can not eliminate poverty by eliminating the poor. Death is no answer to serious social problems.

As the great pro-life pioneer, Erma Clardy Craven, said in her 1972 book, Abortion, Poverty and Black Genocide, “the free application of a non-right (abortion) for those whose real need is equal human rights and opportunities is benumbing the social conscience of America into unquestioningly accepting the ‘smoke screen’ of abortion. The quality of life for the poor, the Black and the oppressed will not be served by destroying their children.”

Or, as Rev. Hunter thunders, “If you love babies, say so.” 

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