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Keep U.S. Tax Dollars From Funding
Population Control in China

Huge fines, forced abortion, sterilization, and jail for millions of Chinese women ... paid for, in part, by U.S. tax dollars.

The Problem

China’s infamous “planned birth” policy has brought forced abortion and sterilization, fines, persecution, and imprisonment to millions of Chinese women. For decades, the Chinese government brutally enforced a limit of one child per family. Even with the recent move to a two-child policy, women and children will continue to suffer the same abuses. But many people don’t realize that a UN agency, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), works alongside the Chinese government to help make these abuses possible.

The Solution

Our careful research has shown the connection between the United Nations and Chinese population control activities. Our investigators have spent hundreds of hours walking through actual UNFPA counties in China, interviewing villagers and taping testimonies.

We use this testimony to fight the UNFPA’s population control activities by hitting them where it really hurts: their pocketbook. According to U.S. law, tax dollars cannot be spent to promote forced abortion in other countries. While the UNFPA claims that its activities are free from coercion, we have repeatedly shown that, in China, the UNFPA does precisely that. As a result, working with U.S. lawmakers, we have helped strip nearly $850 million dollars from the UNFPA’s and other anti-natal organization's budgets over the years, and turned that money over toward programs that actually help women and families around the world.

But the fight continues as the UNFPA continues to promote its agenda not just in China, but all throughout the world.

You Can Help

We need:

  • photographers, researchers, and translators, especially for the East Asia region. Please contact us if you can help!
  • And, as always, we need your support and donations so that we can continue this vital work.

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